Why "Dreaming of Home in New England..."?

The Infamous Origins of This Blog's Moniker

First came "Bolaskoxfordia," a blog designed to keep my friends and family updated and supplied with photos during my summer travels in Oxford, England; Juneau, Alaska; and Cochabamba, Bolivia, where the above photo was taken (well, technically it was taken in Incan ruins on a mountain above Sipe Sipe, but that's pretty spankin' close to Cochabamba).

Then, I liked blogging too much to give it up when I put my passport away for a few months to finish up school, and the blog became "Chicaskashireland" while I finished college in Chicago, visited my fiance in Alaska, and took side trips home to New Hampshire and Maryland.

Then, when I graduated from college, I stopped moving long enough to have only one permanent address, and my life (and my blog) took place in "...Just Alaska".  The ellipsis is a tribute to the many, many places this blog had been before settling in the 49th state.  Alaska brought us many things--the beginning of our life together, our daughter Ainslie Jessica, lots of adventures, many lifelong friends, and a keen appreciation for fresh seafood and sunlight.

Now, we're Dreaming of Home in New England..., as we're in the process of moving back to our roots in order to be closer to family and so I could pursue my Master's in Theology at Boston College.  Kip is still in Alaska until he gets a job out here, and in the meantime, I dream of our future home and life when we're all together here, hence yet another ellipsis looking to our family's next steps.