Characters You Should Probably Know About

Husband, best friend, partner in daily shenanigans, policeman, soccer fan extraordinaire, and all around most amazing guy I've ever known.

Once known as "Bean," Ainslie was born on October 5, 2010 and celebrated Halloween soon thereafter by dressing as a pea pod.  She is now the most beautiful toddler in the entire universe and has a penchant for stacking rings, reading books on her ladybug bean bag, walking/running around our apartment, and making friends with anyone and everyone (especially if they ask where her belly is).

Quite possibly the coolest kitten ever.  We adopted Tillamook in January of 2010 and soon thereafter learned that it is possible for cats to learn how to play fetch.  He thinks he's a dog and he's quite the snuggler when no one else is looking (but don't tell anyone).  Upon leaving Alaska, we gave him to a family friend who would give him a loving home.  He's still a part of the family, though, and will probably be referenced fairly often.