14 January 2012

Adventures in Mary Kay: The Rookie

And thus begin my adventures as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant:

It's not that I've never worn makeup before, it's just that I never really got a full on professional lesson.  Yes, there was that time in high school when I bashfully asked my mom to take me makeup shopping and she complied, but I never really got the down low on when volumizing mascara is necessary and what colors should be applied where and when and things like no, you can't just apply dark brown eyeliner but no mascara to speak of when you have blond eyelashes (a glamour sin that still haunts me...no wonder I didn't have a boyfriend through most of high school, sheesh!).  So as I sat down with my Senior Consultant, Vicki, to do a "color consultation", it was with a level of confidence somewhere between "I'm America's Next Top Model" and "I look like Bozo the Clown".

Well, until we started, that is.

"It's really good that you're not wearing any makeup today, that way we have a fresh canvas" she said as she sat down at her kitchen table with a glass of water.  I didn't tell her that I'd spent ten minutes longer than usual that morning on my makeup.  
"Uh, yeah, that's what I was thinking too."  (And the confidence meter tips toward Bozo the Clown.)
"Okay, well let's get started!" 

An hour and several embarrassing moments later (for example, the moment in which I, having never used concealer before in my life, looked up from the mirror and all Vicki could say was, "See, that's a lot..." before coming to my aid with some face wipes and a more practiced hand), I was a vision.  I memorized the techniques Vicki had taught me and headed out into the world, ready to make it more beautiful.

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