23 December 2011

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1.  Having the automatic car starter Kip got me for Christmas installed.  Best.  Gift.  EVER.
2.  Sunday night, Kip went down to his brother's house to watch the Pats game and Ainslie and I had a girls' night.  The highlight: we turned off all the lights in the living room except for the Christmas tree and sat on the couch looking at how pretty it was in the dark.  Apparently it was very romantic, because Ainslie leaned over and gave me a kiss and then thought me saying "Mwah!" was hilarious; we spent the next five minutes giving each other kisses with the "Mwah"s getting more and more exaggerated and laughing harder and harder in between each one.
3.  One of my oldest friends, Shannon, came over to visit yesterday and it was so great!
4.  My in-laws came over on Tuesday for a big family Christmas before Kip went back to Juneau, and it went really well!  I didn't stress getting everything ready that morning, the food was good, and the cleanup wasn't too terrible thanks to my sister-in-law doing the dishes for me.
5.  During aforementioned readying of the food for Tuesday Christmas, my mother-in-law fell asleep on our couch, which I counted as a wonderful sign that my home was comfortable enough for her to feel that comfortable.
6.  Ainslie got to hang out in the toddler room at daycare, where she got to see her BFF, Tripp, who moved up to the toddler room about a month ago.  They were clearly exhilarated to see each other!
7.  This video, thanks to Kip:
8.  Kip's and my getaway on Monday night.  It was nice to be able to have dinner and sleep in without worrying about being woken up by Ainslie.
9.  Kip and I watched "The Sound of Music" and declared that we are going to learn how to do the Laendler dance that Maria and Georg do in the ball scene.  I'm psyched.
10.  We found out last week that Kip can do Lasik surgery, which means that he's one step closer to getting a job with the State Troopers!

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