13 December 2011

Ten Things Tuesday (Yeah, It's Been Awhile)

Ten Things That Have Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1.  How long my class applauded for my teacher last Thursday after our last lecture.  It was nice to be in a class that appreciated our professor enough to actually show it.  North Park was great, but all the non-majors who were in my mandatory classes just to fulfill a Gen-Ed requirement really brought the morale down.
2.  Our Christmas tree in general--taking Ainslie to get our first family tree (last year was too complicated to get one), Kip and me getting through putting it up with nary an argument (which I hear is a really big deal in some marriages but has never proved to be a problem for us), decorating it together a few nights ago with our growing collection of ornaments and handmade garlands that I whipped together from old paper bags (some of which were from Panera, which lent a nice tan and red color scheme).
3.  Ainslie's level of excitement when it comes to taking baths.  She isn't too jazzed about having her hair washed, but she loves her bath toys and the whole process so much that when Kip had the shower turned on last night after his evening run and was putzing around while it warmed up, Ainslie ran (as much as a toddler can run) into the bathroom, emptied the contents of her bucket of bath toys into the tub, and stood at the side of the tub wiggling up and down trying to take off her shirt until I obliged and let her sit in the tub while the warm water came down from the shower head.  Water coming from a height confused her a bit, but she eventually threw herself through the deluge in search of the one bath toy that (ironically) requires a tub full of water to be of any use.  It was super cute.
4.  How happy Kip was after that aforementioned evening run.  
5.  Our mini Christmas this morning.  Kip has to go back to Juneau on the 21st, so we celebrated today, on the feast day of St. Lucia.  It was a perfectly low-key morning involving a very modest number of gifts, a very unmodest amount of cinnamon rolls, and just enough Christmas movies.
6.  I hate it when people do this, but I am just so excited about what Kip gave me for Christmas that I have to shout it from the rooftops:  the Adele Live at Royal Albert Hall DVD (which I am watching right now with great joy and longing for England) and an automatic car starter that will be installed on Friday.  No more running downstairs to warm up the car and then praying that nobody steals it while I'm getting Ainslie up in the early mornings I go to school!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!  My man's THE man.
7.  The way Ainslie has started running down the hall in our apartment for the sole purpose of being chased, belly laughing the whole way.
8.  Lunch on Saturday with my sister-in-law.  It was a great girls' day!
9.  The debate Kip and I got into on the T on the way back from school last Thursday over the changes in the Mass liturgy.  I'm pretty sure the people around us wanted to kill us, but it was super fun.
10.  I missed class last Tuesday because Ainslie was sick and Kip had a job interview, and two of my classmates sent me emails saying they missed me!  It made me feel good :)  I have friends, yay!

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