08 December 2011

Introducing:  Dreaming of Home in New England...

My three resolutions for my Winter Break from school stand thus:
1.  Get back into blogging
2.  Read a non-academic book just for fun
3.  Start taking photos again
       3a.  Find the cord to upload said photos to my computer to help with Resolution #1

I've been trying to think of a proper blog title now that I have a real apartment and official stuff like that here.  But it doesn't feel right giving the blog an official, geographically related title when Kip isn't here yet.  He's still working on getting a job out here, with varying levels of success, so while my address is in New Hampshire, my heart and my home are still split between here and Alaska.  I'm looking forward to when he gets a job and moves here, we'll settle down and buy a house and be all domestic (at which point I'm sure I'll have some sort of identity crisis and start another Etsy store or dedicate myself to international travel again or get into a new random hobby, like glass etching).  So, until that happens, I'm Dreaming of Home in New England..., with another nifty little ellipsis in the title that looks toward the future this time instead of to the past. 

Here's to new beginnings that are 95% started...

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