03 August 2011


I'm a list person. I make lists. So here are the two lists i have been keeping as of late, mostly beause i need one or the other of them depending on the moment.

Things I Will Miss About Juneau:
-ridiculously easily accessible hiking
-being near the water
-friends, so many of them
-Katy Rice...she deserves her own unique bullet point
-the separation from mainstream American ridiculousness (ex: i really heard none of the craziness surrounding Michael Jackson's death)
-the laidbackness of it all
-the yarn/fabric shops

**note: these are subject to revision and in no particular order**

Things I Will Not Miss About Juneau:
-the rain
-lack of diverse shopping (you really don't know how much you appreciate Old Navy until you live somewhere where you literally cannot buy anything quality--not that Old Navy is super quality--in your size)
-driving past the birth center all the time
-lack of ability to pursue theological interests
-distance from family and friends
-how weird it is to everyone when you dress nicely
-lack of local, fresh produce
-the skanky bars on Front Street

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