16 July 2011

Ainslie + Tillamook = BFFs

Lately in our house it's been Ainslie and Tillamook, Tillamook and Ainslie taking on the world together.  It's almost like they were meant for each other (in a non-creepy, completely platonic way), except for that whole he's a cat thing.  It started pretty early in Ainslie's life--she'd see him and smile.  And then she started laughing whenever she saw him.  And then she wanted to pet him.  For awhile, he rebuffed her advances, but eventually he gave in to her charms (who could blame him, really?) and now they are the absolute best of friends.  I think it's because they find the same things utterly fascinating:

-They open kitchen cabinet doors and drawers together.
-They are fascinated with running water.
-They love balloons (although I suspect that Tillamook just likes popping them with his claws).
-They can't get enough of Ainslie's square mirror--Ainslie likes looking in it, and Tillamook likes chasing the light reflection it throws onto the wall.
-I had to cover the electrical outlets to keep Tillamook from electrocuting his whiskers before Ainslie got the idea from him and started poking at the outlet covers.
-They'll sit together for 15 minutes at a time while Ainslie turns the pages of our DVD binder, occasionally looking at each other as if to say "I don't get why the adults don't understand how incredibly amazing this sound is!"
-They both constantly crawl over to my basket of yarn and disturb its contents.
-They fight over Tillamook's toys (and by "fight" I mean that Ainslie waits until Tillamook isn't around, then swipes his foam ball, blue puff dangler toy and the orange fluffy mouse with the bell on its tail until I take them away and tell her that he doesn't want to share and yes, that's quite rude of him).
-They can't wait for me to open packages whenever we get them (I have a photo of the two of them climbing over a box from my mom, trying to see what's inside).

Tillamook has taken to sleeping in the corner of Ainslie's room or on her changing table (when I'm feeling gracious) during the day, and on more than one occasion, I've found him waiting outside her door after I put her to bed.  He sits on the side of the tub when she takes a bath.  And it's not just a one way street of affection--I kid you not, Ainslie has literally gone from screaming at the top of her lungs to laughing because Tillamook walked in the room, yawned, and stretched out on the floor.   And as if all this weren't enough, today I realized that, as she kept looking from him to me and babbling, she was really saying, "Gee-eee, Gee-eee", which I suspect is her "I can't make the 'T' or 'K' sounds" way of trying to say "Kitty".  

It's enough to warm your heart and turn you into a cat person, really.


Heather said...

SOOOOOO CUTE! I can't wait to see you guys!

Alethea said...

hahaha. awesome.