08 July 2011

An Afternoon of Summer

The Downside:  When Kip isn't home from work by 3:30 am, I instinctively get nervous, wake up and stay up until he gets home.
The Upside:  all our dishes are clean now.  
The Down-Downside:  Ainslie doesn't care how many hours I'm up in the middle of the night, she still wakes up at 8 (or 9:30....or 10:30....okay maybe it's not all that consistent).  
The Up-Upside:  I found my blogging motivation somewhere between the sudsy water and the blinking time on the clock.  Yay!

Last night was glorious.  After a dreary morning in which literally everybody I know (or at least everybody whose number is still on my phone after The Great iPhone-Meets-Water Incident of 2011) had other plans and left me stranded, plan-less and itching for some interaction with anyone who can put together two-syllable words, the Sun decided to hang out with me.  I took Ainslie for a walk that was intended to be a lot longer than it was, but was none the less enjoyable for it--I ended up getting waylaid by several friends sitting out in their front yards with glasses of wine basking in the sunlight.  

I've just realized that, in Juneau, we all start to resemble cats when it's sunny; we don't necessarily do anything in the sunlight, we just lay in it, hoping to get warm.  Peculiar.

Ainslie and I ended up taking a nice long stroll through the Flats, stopping to look at our favorite houses and smelling our favorite gardens.  It was as if all the flowers in Juneau had been waiting for this one day to let their scents go, like they'd all been holding onto it in a big, flowery practical joke.  "Haha, the humans don't even notice that they don't smell us, just wait until the first warm day in weeks and then they'll realize what they've been missing!"

The entire town smelled like a potpourri satchel.  
It was awesome.

Then, in a moment of divine providence, one of the friends whose number I couldn't recover on my phone called and invited me to sit in the sun in her front yard (we're all cats, remember?) with her and her daughter and I gleefully accepted, practically running over to her house (and running into another friend on the way).  We sat the girls in the grass, Ainslie ate her first fistful of dirt, and I got a bit of a burn on my forearms.  It was nice to have an afternoon of summer.

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Paige McGuan said...

Sounds lovely! I love it when things work out like that!