10 June 2011

This Commercial Makes Me Cry....Every. Single. Time.

Seriously, waterworks.  I would consider doing this, except I'm pretty sure that by the time Ainslie is old enough to read all of it, technology will have progressed so fast as to make email obsolete.  
So it's sticking to the old-fashioned paper journal I've been keeping for her since I was pregnant.  
Old school never goes out of style.


Doreen said...

I saw this too and thought what a great idea. my thoughts were would the email service save all these emails for 18 years??

Anonymous said...

Agreed, it gets me everytime. gilmorelady

Paige McGuan said...

Oh man! I see what you mean, I hadn't seen that before.

Heather said...

OMG. If I wasn't sitting in Caribou right now, I'd be bawling my eyes out. SO sweet. I love your journal idea, though--way cuter. =) Miss you!! How's the fam?