10 May 2011

An Open Letter to the Person Who Stole My Chocolate Chex Mix

Dear Sir or Madam:

First of all, let me say that I can't blame you.  Chocolate chex mix is one of life's most distinct pleasures; I am quite sure that the manna from heaven of which the Hebrew Bible speaks is, in fact, this most delectable of snacks.  Call it what you may--chocolate chex mix, puppy chow--it is de-lish.  The crunch of the chex with the sweetness of the chocolate, balanced by a hint of peanut butter and a touch of powdered sugar...who can resist it?  And so I can understand the temptation of swiping a bag that you so happen to find in your travels.  But you didn't just so happen to find this bag, did you?  Indeed, it was placed in a very specific compartment of a very specific device.  You didn't stumble across it on the sidewalk or find it at the bus stop.  Oh no, Chex Mix Thief, you went through my stroller to find it.  

Really?  A stroller?  Unless you watched us from afar and noted that my daughter is about a year too young to enjoy said snack, you couldn't have known that you weren't literally stealing candy from a baby.  But since I'm still breastfeeding, you kind of did steal candy from a baby, so shame on you!  I hope you're proud of yourself.  Perhaps you knew all of that and wanted to ensure that I--and therefore Ainslie--had the best nutrition available.  That's probably why you left the apple untouched.  How thoughtful.

I suppose my waistline should thank you for saving me from a few hundred empty calories, and I hope that you enjoyed it for me.  Hopefully you don't have a peanut allergy and if you do, then I suppose you got your comeuppance.  Either way, I will think twice before leaving anything in my stroller the next time I carry my daughter into the downtown bookstore for a new bedtime story.  Or at least next time I'll only leave the healthy stuff.

Bon Appetit,

05 May 2011

A Solution!

I remember back in the day when my dad would sit at the head of the dinner table, look over to my sister and me and say with a grin, "After dinner, I think I will surf the net".  Visions of my dad on our front lawn, literally surfing on a volleyball net confused me.  I had no idea what the Internet was, much like most of the rest of the world.

All this to say that I just set up a mobile hotspot on my phone so that anywhere it is, so also is there wireless.

Which means I can blog to my little heart's content now.

The times, they are a changin'.