12 April 2011



Thanks for your email.  After discussing it with my husband, we've decided that I'd be delighted to accept your offer of admission to the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry for the Fall Semester.  I'll be sending in my deposit later this week! 

Moving across the continent is an incredibly daunting prospect, but there's not another program I'd rather do it for!  Thanks for all your help through this process!  I'll see you in September!

Pax Christi,

Oy, ve.  This is scary.
I guess this means my blog title has to change again, eh?

06 April 2011

Impromptu Hiatus

Well, that was quite the hiatus.

Please excuse the absence.  Life got in the way.  Since I last wrote, a plethora of happenings have, well happened.  Ainslie rolled over to much fanfare, and then I stopped writing for so long that she rolled over the other way, from the other side, and also learned how to sit up.  She's furiously (literally) working on a few teeth and is quite the talker these days.  (I figured I should post again before she enters college.)  We had Ainslie's baptism, which was a fantastic day.  We flew to Anchorage for her NICU follow-up, which went well, then trooped onward through Chicago (where we surprised Kasey and heard some epic words of wisdom from Metropolitan Kallistos Ware) and into New Hampshire, where we found out that I was accepted to Boston College.  Then back to rainy old Juneau just in time to move into a new, bigger apartment whose depths and nooks and crannies have been keeping me busy ever since, and whose lack of Internet access has kept me silent.  Ainslie and I discovered "A Prairie Home Companion" on Sunday afternoons on NPR and have established a new Sabbath tradition.  Tillamook has declared eternal warfare on the mobile hanging above Ainslie's crib and passionately attacks it every chance he gets, which has resulted in the door to Ainslie's room being constantly closed and lots of "KITTY, NO!!!!"s being shouted down the hall if it's left open on accident.  Kip has been working night shift again, much to my chagrin, and I took on another concert with the Juneau Symphony this past weekend.  Right on schedule, I went through one of my quarterly Julia Child obsession phases, this one being more fruitful than the last several as I actually got the nerve to cook some of her dishes instead of just read them and found her method of scrambling eggs to be a revelation.  (There has been a lot of butter in our household lately.)  Thanks to the Forbeses, the three of us discovered the absolute joy that the movie "Tangled" is. 

And now it's Spring.  Flowers are poking their first little shoots up out of the brown earth, Juneaunians are raking their lawns free of the pebbles left there by retreating snowbanks, and I excitedly ran into the apartment a few days ago declaring to Kip, "You can smell low tide!!!  It has to be warm to smell low tide!!!!"  Ainslie and I have rediscovered her stroller and take as many walks as possible on days when it's sunny.  I'm trying to figure out a remedy to the "No Internet at the New Apartment" thing.  Ideas include scheduling a ton of posts ahead of time when I can get to the library, and befriending whoever owns the password-protected "Yellow Cat Wireless" network.  I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but for now I'm stealing as many moments as I can to read "A Year in Provence", maybe take a nap, and write a few posts while I can.  Something's better than nothing, right?