11 January 2011

Ten Things Tuesday: Resurrected.....Again

It has come to my attention that I haven't done a Ten Things Tuesday since Ainslie was born.  I justify this by referencing my sleeping habits since then, unreliable Internet access through the late Fall and early Winter, and the Debbie Downer circumstance that I don't necessarily always smile as much as I used to since all the stress of......everything in my life.  But that's when we truly need a list of things that made us smile, no?  I'm working on it.

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week (or three months, you know):
1.  How much Ainslie enjoys her diaper changes.  Seriously, she kicks and smiles and laughs and has a ball!  Either she really enjoys personal hygiene or she really enjoys being naked---one of these is a family trait, the other isn't.  I'll leave you to imagine which is which.
2.  The idea of crocheting myself a sweater.  I just might do it.
3.  Spending close to the entire day with Father Thomas yesterday.  He's back in town for a priest's meeting and I ferried him around on all his errands after picking him up at the airport.  Awkward "Oh, he's not my husband despite the fact that we're both wearing rings and he's carrying around my baby.  Haven't you noticed the Roman collar?" explanations abounded.
4.  I had a fabulous hair day a few days ago.  It was down.  It was long.  It was almost frizz-free.  I felt like a WOMAN again, not just a mom!
5.  Ikea daydreams.  Seriously, it's a little pathetic how much I've furnished our hypothetical future home.
6.  Casey and Tina (my brother- and sister-in-law) are having a baby girl and we're so excited!!!!!  As Kip put it to Casey, "I like to establish the gender by having Ainslie wear a bow, but after that you can put her in anything you want!"  Keep back, ladies, he's taken.
7.  Planning Tina's baby shower--it's been super fun.
8.  The sun has shone for three days now and it's not supposed to be cloudy again until Saturday.  I'm planning on taking my camera out to Twin Lakes at some point before then and taking pictures of people skating on the orange ice (not to be confused with yellow snow....it's orange because it reflects the sun)
9.  Super guilty pleasure smile:  the new season of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" premieres in twelve days.  I'm terrible.
10.  Coffee with Stephanie.  I always leave that house feeling so holy and ready to be a wife and mother.  It's intoxicating.

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