01 January 2011

Of Christmas, Homecomings and IKEA

It's not that I didn't think about blogging over the past three and a half weeks.  I did--I sat down and tried to write several times, but I couldn't think of anything to say.  There's just been so much happening:
we had a flawless flight with a two-month-old
I felt more at home in a house I'd never been to than I often do in my own apartment
sunny mornings in Texas made way to even sunnier afternoons
Ainslie figured out how to use her hands and her voice and has been singing us the sweetest songs my ears have ever beheld
doctor's offices, doctor's visits, doctor's procedures that I never want to go through with Ainslie again
we had Christmas with Kip's family in Seattle
we took our first Mommy-Daddy date (and saw "Harry Potter" a month after everyone else)
and now, back to Juneau where Epiphany celebrations, a cluttered apartment, and a slightly impulsive application to Boston College await me

I'm sure that years from now, Kip and I will be sitting on a similar couch to the one I'm on now and I'll put my head on his shoulder and say, "Our little girl is getting married today" and all of this medical nonsense will seem far away and painless and easy.  For now, I'm focusing on the one-and-a-half-sided conversations that Ainslie and I have been having ("Aaaaeeeeeegooooooaahhhh" "Oh, really?" "Uhhhhhgggahhhhhhhhh" "And what else did the octopus say?") and fantasizing about our Ikea-furnished home of the hopefully not too distant future.
Specifically, I dream about this ginormous leaf mounted over Ainslie's crib in her "outdoors brought in"-themed room.  I have big dreams for a reading nook too.

I also imagine what I'll put in and on this side table, placed against a wall in the kitchen. Lately it's been cloth napkins and cutlery in the drawers, brightly colored ceramic mixing bowls on top, and toys for Ainslie to play with while I cook on the bottom shelf--tupperware bowls and spoons and dried pasta and cloth renditions of fruits and vegetables so she can "cook", too.  I have yet to decide what photo I'll hang above it.  I have big plans to choose a set of my photos to have printed on pulled canvas to hang on the walls.

Maybe this one of the rowhouses in Stavanger, Norway.  To remind us of travel and family.


Anonymous said...

My father was from Stavanger. And I work at IKEA! Thank you for posting your thoughts and pictures!

Cindy said...

Audrey, you're my new best friend. My great-grandmother was from Stavanger!