13 January 2011

I'm a Woman Obsessed

My latest home furnishing fantasies:
This hanging on the wall above...

This bench, which has a cushion on top of it made out of...

this fabric.
(and there are a bunch of pillows in various fabrics to lean on that also live on the bench, which will sit on one side of a matching dining room table, with the more traditional chairs on the other side)

Now, just to decide what should go into the cubbies in the shelf--the awesome handwarmer mugs that Kip got me for Christmas?  And assorted teas?  Or maybe our everyday dishes for easy access?  I'm thinking that we should put the giant canvas print of one of our wedding photos on top of the shelf, with the jar that holds my bouquet next to it.  

And they said I'd be all nesty when I was pregnant.  
Ba!  That was about cleaning the floor four times a day; this is about putting together a home.


DeanO said...

In the entry way this could be used as storage for hats, gloves and school bags; with a great bench to put on and take off boots and shoes. I remember something like this growing up. Very nice

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Can I go to Ikea with you? gilmorelady