22 January 2011

Home Dreams

I've lately become completely obsessed with the concept of "home".  Could you tell?  I don't know if it was brought about by Ainslie's arrival or just becoming aware that we've outgrown Juneau in every way possible, but I'm itching to go back home to New England and hunker down for, well, ever.  

Ever since we were dating (and probably even before that, just separately) Kip and I have dreamed of buying an old farmhouse on a few acres and renovating it.  It's been an idea that's taken hold of us, keeping us up at night with ideas and plans and scenario-rehearsing.  Kip wants wooded land, the kind that he can make walking trails in, where he can go for a hike and not leave our tidy little world.  I dream of a little clearing behind the house where I can plant a tiny orchard, just big enough for Ainslie and I to walk through in the afternoons, where I can spot a perfectly ripe apple and reach up and pick it, wiping it on my shirt sleeve before handing it down to Ainslie, who relishes its sweetness and giggles at the juice running down her chin.  I want to invite our family and friends over for a day when all the fruit is ripe and enjoy a harvest together, tossing our homegrown produce into baskets and walking up to the house together where the kitchen quickly becomes steamy and crowded with baking pies and cooking preserves and the people making them all, and then we all have a big dinner together, and Kip and I thank everyone for their help and send them home with the literal fruits of their labor.  We want the creaky floors and the drafty windows that we're always cursing in a house that has seen so many more tenants than just us, a house that we have to get to know, and vice versa.  

Hopefully we'll get there soon.  In the meantime, we dream.


Linda said...

I'm from upstate NY. I know exactly what you're describing and why. New England is awesome.

My son moved to Fairbanks, AK about 1 1/2 years ago, and completely loves it. I wonder if I should get him some intervention, but he's so happy there.

I really puzzels me why people live in Alaska of their own accord, but I guess somebody has to.

You're there for school? work?

Cindy said...


My husband and I joke that people move to Alaska because they're either running FROM something or running TO something. In my case, I was running to him, as I had just graduated college and he already had a steady job up here (check out my first few months of posts to see the whole story).

Of course, you also have the "I'm going to live in Alaska because I think my ex-boyfriend/legal troubles/crack dealer/school loan collector/enter unsavory subject here won't find me there" people (who Kip, as a police officer, has the pleasure of working with), but I choose to view all "outsiders" as having moved here for the adventure, like Kip. It's really a nice place to live if you can put up with the seclusion, we're just ready to go back to where we grew up for an adventure there!

And the PFD check every year is nice. Although I'm not speaking from experience--I haven't lived here long enough to get one yet. :)

Amanda said...

Come back to New England! It's so great here. And there is a lot of real estate on the market!

I live in central Massachusetts and we're looking to move a couple towns west where we can get a few acres and a nice house.