09 November 2010


Ainslie and I have started reading together while she's awake and staring around the room.  I love "Goodnight, Moon" and "Bumble Bee" just as much as the next person, but by golly if I have to recite one more stanza of rhymed iambic pentameter about barnyard animals, I am going to lose it.  

So we've been reading theology, because it makes me happy.  And Ainslie's happy when Mama's happy.  Our favorite quote from the section on Retreat in Scott Hahn's "Signs of Life":

"Though still I saw through a glass darkly
I saw things as a whole for the first time with 
a delight, a joy, an excitement, which is hard to describe.
This is what I expected when I became a Catholic.
This is what all my reading had led me to expect 
in the way of teaching and guidance in the spiritual life.
I came away with what I can only consider to be 
an increased knowledge of the supernatural life,
the feeling that I had grown in faith, hope and charity,
that I had been fed the strong meat of the Gospel 
and was now prepared to run the race,
to journey onward with that food which would sustain me for forty days in any wilderness.
I felt prepared for deserts and underground tunnels,
for the dark night of the senses and of the soul. 
And I knew too that this strong light would dim with the ensuing months
and that the next year I would again have to make the retreat,
to adjust my vision to the blazing truth which was set before us,
to get things into perspective once again."
-Dorothy Day

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Heather said...

This quote is beautiful, Cindy--thanks for sharing. Even though it's about retreat, it reminds me of how I felt the day I became Orthodox and received Eucharist for the first time. Wonderful.