01 November 2010

Remember, Remember It's Finally November!

Oh, how times have changed.  I used to hate dreary November weather, but today I'm welcoming the seeping rain and gusting winds.  It's a perfectly blustery day in exotic Juneau, and Ainslie and I are staying at home celebrating with perfect joy.  We're celebrating All Saints' Day, of course, by telling her about our favorite saints proper (St. Joseph, St. Perpetua, Sankta Lucia, St. Damien of Molokai) but also by telling her stories about the saints in her own family, the relatives long gone who lived exemplary Christian lives.  The Forbes family, my new favorite friends in Juneau, inspired and encouraged me to put up Christmas lights in celebration of feast days and cover everything we could think of with Nutella.  Because nothing says "Celebration!" like Nutella.  Our celebration also includes a soundtrack of Rockabye Baby: Lullaby Renditions of Queen (the xylophone version of "Killer Queen" really is something to behold).  Oh yeah, some babies listen to Mozart, mine listens to classic 70's rock in reworked lullaby form.  Mommy might spring for the Rockabye Baby Beatles album next.  Or maybe Bob Marley.  We'll see.

On the inside, I'm also celebrating the fact that it's November 1st, which is exciting for two reasons:  
1. November 1st means the official start of the holiday season.  I am the type of person who would normally start playing Christmas carols today, but I'm holding back.  I'm sipping warm apple cider in my favorite slippers (you know, the Scandinavian-looking ones that are falling apart at the seams because I love them so much) instead.
2.  November 1st also means that it's, well, November.  Which means NOT October.  I've loved Autumn my entire life, especially October, but this October blew chunks.  So good riddance, October!  You can take your crappy birth experiences and hospitals and way too many medical emergencies and hide in shame until next year!  Only good things will happen in November!  We welcome it with much festivity!

Welcome, November.  You rock.

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Heather said...

October totally blew chunks--including one very cute Ainslie-shaped chunk! But, hooray, November. November brings thanks and the promise of the star of David. YAY!