22 November 2010

GRE, It's Fine By Me

If nothing else, my experience with the GRE taught me two things:
1.  I'd forgotten how quickly number 2 pencils wear down.
2.  Watching the "John Adams" miniseries was the best thing that ever happened to my vocabulary.  Had it not been for Paul Giamatti's excellent portrayal, I never would have been able to complete the analogies for words like "vicissitude".  

After finishing the four-hour long test, I was welcomed back into reality by a barrage (oooo, GRE word) of picture texts from Kip which thoroughly documented the trip that he and Ainslie took to Costco in my absence.  I basically stood in the testing room grinning like a fool at my phone while my fellow test takers shuffled around me, wondering who the crazy lady was.  

In all honesty, it wasn't all that bad.  Sure, I ended my first analytical essay in the middle of a sentence because I ran out of time (leave 'em wanting more, I say!).  Sure, I frantically filled in the last few ovals in random order for both the math sections because I sat staring dumbfoundedly at the geometry questions for too long (you know it's bad when you remember not understanding it in high school either).  But I took the darn test, and in six weeks, I'll know how I did.  And so will Boston College (ack), Yale (double ack), Notre Dame (triple ack), and Catholic Theological Union (actually not ack-worthy, but only because they don't need the scores).  No need to freak out.....really.  

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