19 November 2010

Going Through the Big D, (do mean Dallas)

It's official.  
We have plane tickets.  

T-minus 20 days until Kip, Ainslie and I get on the big silver bird and head down to Texas to see (in order): my family, the Sun, and a fancy schmancy doctor with a long, difficult to spell title who will hopefully tell us that Ainslie is the picture of health and developmental normalcy.  It's a trip that's coming none too soon, since it's been about six months since I've traveled outside of the state, which means that that old itch to pack my bags and go somewhere exotic is coming back.  Not that Dallas is all that exotic, but it is about 30 degrees warmer than here, so I'll take it.  

In a dream world, Kip and I would pack up Ainslie in our Moby wrap, stuff a few belongings and our camera into a backpack, and trek around India for a few weeks, then maybe Amsterdam.  Those are my two travel fantasies as of late.  They're purely fantasies because they would require several things happening:  
1.  Kip would have to get over his idea of India being dirty and a place he never wants to visit
       1a.  I would have to suddenly start liking Indian food (but I'm sure it's much better in the actual   
       country than the place in Lombard, Illinois where I had some)
2.  Juneau would have to suddenly decide that crime is overrated and give Kip a month or two off
3.  Society would have to start running on a bartering system where money is irrelevant and unnecessary

As it stands, our credit card is sort of, kind of close to being close to maxed out with all the tickets we just bought for this trip and another in February to Anchorage for Ainslie's checkup with the doctor there, so India and Amsterdam will have to wait.  In the meantime, I'm watching a lot of random shows on the Travel Channel.  And not studying for the GRE, which is about twelve hours (ack) away.  Instead, I'm working on Christmas presents, doing a lot of dishes, and trying to catch up on cleaning around the house...when I'm not hanging out with Miss Ainslie (who, incidentally, has added smiling, laughing and the ability to rock a mean case of cradle cap to her repertoire of tricks).  Maybe she'll be able to backpack around India and Amsterdam when she's older and send her old mom a postcard.  Or maybe I'll go with her.  I'll work on liking Indian food until then.  For now--Texas.

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