26 September 2010

Today Is Official "Talk to An Overdue Pregnant Lady About Something Other than Being Overdue" Day, Didn't You Hear?

It's September 26th and it's official.  Any way you cut it, no matter which due date you take (the 20th or the 26th), I am due.  Or rather, Bean is due.  Okay:  any way you cut it, Bean is supposed to be here.   But just the fact that I'm still calling it "Bean" and not the wonderfully gender appropriate names we picked out months and months (and maybe at this point years) ago, means that it's not.  And I have completely mixed emotions about that.

On the one hand, I'm frustrated.  I'm tired of people seeing me on the street, jaws on the pavement, exclaiming, "Haven't you had that baby yet?" Well, do you see an infant in my arms?  Obviously we both know the answer to that question.   I'm tired of getting on the phone and hearing, "You should really tell that baby it's time to come out" from practically everyone who calls, as if I actually had a say in the process.  I have tried literally everything that people have told me to--different foods and exercises and walks and teas and herbs and assorted other ridiculous techniques that supposedly get labor going.  Except castor oil.  I don't think treating my digestive system like the clogged pipe in the bathroom is really the best solution here.  

I feel like overnight, my pregnant state went from "Blessed Miracle" to "Overdue Inconvenience" to the rest of the world.  

And they're not even the ones who have to deal with the swollen feet!  (Although they do have to deal with me dealing with swollen feet, which I acknowledge I've been a bit whiny about.)

And then, on the brutally honest other hand, I'm not frustrated and I'm kind of okay with being pregnant for a little bit longer.  I know, very VERY deep down, that Bean just isn't ready for one reason or another yet and that's why it hasn't sent out that "I'm ready to be born" hormone.  I also recognize that sleeping in until nine or ten (or, let's be honest, eleven) will be a distant memory in a week or so.  I know I'll miss feeling Bean kick from inside (although I won't miss the roundhouse kicks to the ribs on my right side), and the idea of having the two of us be in two separate rooms does freak me out a bit.  Kip and I made a decision last night that whenever someone gives me grief about still being pregnant, I will hear it as what they're really trying to say: 

"I care about you and I really want to see your beautiful child!  I'm getting impatient, but I know it's not your fault that it hasn't arrived yet.  Please ignore any further comments from me regarding your weight, the validity of the contractions you've been feeling, the rapidly approaching date of the baptism, the fact that Natalie is moving out of Juneau at the end of the week, and the gestational period of elephants."

In conclusion, and in completely unrelated news, our recent stretch of sunny weather has officially given way to regular crappy Juneau rain, but also to an unmistakably Fall-ish feeling.  I dug our Fall decorations out of the closet and I'm having a good time craving all things cinnamon and apple-y.  Last night's culinary victory:  homemade peach cobbler.  Oh my goodness, was it amazing!  Maybe today I'll make something with oatmeal.


Kasey said...

I love you so much.


GingerV said...

I have been so unusually busy lately that I've not been keeping track. its time.... whoopee.
at this point it can go on a while... so sitting with your feet up, a good book in hand, being at peace and calm that is how you pass your days. I am here thinking about you. hugs from Brasil.

Word Verf. Priers.... don't you love it.