07 September 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week (and I'm trying to make them non-baby-related):
1. MY DAD CAME TO VISIT AFTER THE FALSE ALARM WITH BEAN!!!! I walked out of my prenatal appointment on Friday only to see him in a rocking chair at the Birth Center. I was completely floored. He's never been to Alaska before, and he could only stay for the weekend, but it was so nice to have him there, even if I still didn't have Bean.
2. Not any less exciting or important, but Mom flew out to help us too! It's only not number one because I knew she was coming. So far, I think we've racked up about 15 miles of walking around Juneau in an attempt to start active labor (unsuccessfully), but I've enjoyed the walks and talks with her nonetheless.
3. Mom brought Panera bread and bagels with her, which I've been craving for about two months now.
4. In a stroke of genius, we realized that if we tie Tillamook's harness to the clothesline, he can roam around outside and I don't have to sit on the stairs and make sure he doesn't run away. I enjoy this newfound freedom almost as much as he does.
5. I'm probably 95% finished with reorganizing the library at the Cathedral. Yay!
6. The icon of Theotokos that Father Thomas brought back for me from the state fair in Anchorage. He had been up there for a conference during The Big Bean Scare last week and was given the icon by an Orthodox priest to give to me. It makes me smile (obviously, it's on this list).
7. The giant bag of basil that came in our produce box this week. Guess who's making pesto tonight?
8. 65-degree weather this week. This is what we didn't get all summer!
9. Getting up super early this morning to have breakfast with Kip. Who cares if we were both half asleep, it was nice to get some time together!
10. Dropping off more aprons at Homespun Mercantile, which I've been meaning to do for months now.

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Julie said...

Cindy! I feel I should comment and confess my stalking....

You are an amazing writer (I was literally laughing aloud while reading through some posts) and I couldn't resist keeping myself updated with your adventures. Congrats on the Bean!