27 September 2010

Snail Mail Is So Retro Chic

Take ten minutes: brew a cup of tea and read Tessa's latest post on writing notes instead of emails.  It's iconic and classic and--as most of Tessa's ideas are--simplistically encouraging (this is the woman who, after all, makes raising thousands of dollars for African relief look and sound easy).  I also enjoy the fact that she encourages old fashioned, paper and pen correspondence on a blog without shaking a fist at the blogosphere and denouncing its usefulness.  

Basically, I think Tessa's wonderful and I'm so glad she's feeling well enough again to post!


kristy eléna said...

this is so true. there is something classic about writing to someone in traditional pen and paper mode. (plus, who can resist cute stationary, i mean really!) but that doesn't mean electronic correspondence and blogging aren't extremely useful. =)

Vogue Gone Rogue

Tessa said...

Oh Cindy, you angel heart. Thank you. xxxxxxxxxx galore!