12 September 2010

Raging Maternal Hormones = YouTube Sob Fest 2010

Confession time: I rarely read through the sentimental emails that people send me about friendship or motherhood or whatever the warm fuzzy thought of the day is, but I decided that this video was worth watching when a friend sent me an email yesterday asking how Bean and I were doing.

I lost it at "She will have your eyes".

Can I PLEASE have this baby soon????


Kasey said...

I cried too... haha. I am not even having a kid!

Jenn said...

Thank you for sharing this Cindy. Bean will come soon...when you're least expecting it. One look at that child's face, and it's all going to be worth it. It brings "love at first sight" to a different meaning. Can't wait to hear from Tina & Casey about Bean's arrival. Hang in there Mama!

beth said...

So, all of these things are true. Also, I loved the one "Google doesn't have children" because sometimes I act like it does. Don't worry. You won't be pregnant forever. Your baby is a-comin'! :)