11 September 2010

How Samsung, Ryan and His Pointy Shoes Turned Me Into an iPhone Addict

Hello, my name is Cindy and I have a problem.
After years of fighting it, swearing I wouldn't, vowing to stay out of the trend and swim against the current, I did it.
I got an iPhone 4.
And I like it a little too much.
And, in true "person with a problem" form, I am blaming it on someone else:  Samsung.

It really is Samsung's fault for making crappy phones that stop working after ten months, conveniently losing all touch screen capabilities, messaging capabilities, the ability to receive most calls, and sounding like the caller is down a tunnel in the calls that do come through.  It just makes other phones (that actually work) seem so much cooler.  The problems with my (now former) phone had actually been happening off and on for a few months, but every time I went to bring it in to AT&T it was miraculously healed, like that sore throat that you finally present to the doctor on the day it decides to feel fantastic again.  This week, however, it was mission critical.  The phone stopped working and I sped off to the store, ready to throw it at them and (politely) request a new phone with some longevity.

I didn't want to get an iPhone 4.  I did want to get the regular old iPhone3G.  I didn't need anything fancy, just a phone that I knew would last more than a year (and the iPhone is the only one that I've seen last for awhile).  "Well," said Ryan, the kind clerk with shoes that were far too pointy in the toes for the mostly non-fashionable Juneau population, "we don't have any iPhone3s anymore; everyone wants the 4."
"How long would it take to order one?" I asked, absentmindedly stroking my still baby-filled belly.
"Five to ten business days," said the pointy-shoed fashionisto (it was really distracting me). 
"Well, I'm supposed to be having a baby in five to ten business days and I really need a phone that works."
"Hmm," he said, glancing down at my belly, "Let's see what we can do..."

A few keystrokes, one bequeathed upgrade from Kip, and a stranger who came over solely to ask "You're due any day now, aren't you?" and touch my belly (without asking) later, Ryan and his pointy shoes brought me a new phone (with a new purple cover too, because apparently it drops calls without one...I think this is a grand conspiracy between Apple and the phone-cover-maker-people).  It's beautiful and techie and has lots of great apps and is easy to use and all that worries me because I went home and played with it for hours.  
Too many hours.
And this is in complete contradiction to my "People who spend too much time on their smartphones care more about their little piece of technology than the living, breathing human sitting next to them" philosophy.

We'll see how this turns out.

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