02 September 2010

Bean's Birth Day, Take One

Well, first of all, Hoonah happened. Kip's phone rang at 12:17 Sunday morning, followed by the sound of a few grunted "uh huh"s and a flurry of activity. He was out of the house by 12:20, off to negotiate a man out of his barricaded house in Hoonah, a nearby village. It wasn't the average crisis negotiation/SWAT team call-out--before barricading himself, the man had ambushed and killed two police officers. I didn't hear much news until three the next afternoon, when police dispatch called to let me know that the standoff would take a few days and to pack a care package with Kip's personal effects to be boated out to the remote village.

How's that for a stressful situation to induce labor?

Contractions started at 3 am on Monday.
The suspect surrendered several hours later and Kip got back just in time for me to go to the Birth Center to have the contractions checked that night.
The next morning, my water broke (supposedly...keep reading).
We went to the Birth Center again, thinking we'd leave with a baby.

We were really excited for awhile.
Bean was coming!

Kip decided he had some labor pains, too.
(On a related note, he was the best birth partner ever and his support skills were amazing)
So we waited for a few hours.
And then a few turned into 12.
And then 18.
And then edged closer to 24, which is the cutoff for transport to the hospital after a broken water (something about risk of infection).
So we went up to the hospital.
And they said, "Um, well did your water really break?" and generally made me feel like an idiot who didn't know what she was doing.
And they did some tests.
And then they sent us home.
Without a baby.

Although I did get to eat some dinner after they determined they weren't inducing me.
I was really excited about that.

So there are three options as to what happened:
1. My water never broke to begin with and I was just a crazy pregnant lady who peed herself
2. The water broke only slightly and then resealed itself
3. It was what they call a "forebag" break (think about what would happen if you took a water balloon and twisted it into two sections, then broke just one of the sections)

Either way, no baby. The doctor did another ultrasound before we left to make sure that Bean is okay, and we decided that we'd ruin the surprise and see if Bean is a boy or a girl. It would be a sort of consolation prize for all the effort, you know? Well, it's a.......baby who has his or her legs crossed and folded over the goods!

So, in summary: No baby. No time frame for when said baby will really decide to arrive. No gender.

We're crushed and exhausted in every possible way, but there is a silver lining: now we still have a chance at having Bean at the Birth Center instead of the hospital, and my mom is flying up tomorrow, which is really great because after all of this frustration and disappointment, I really need my mommy.


hrobins said...

Here, here! Moms are the best. I'm sorry you had to go through this huge ordeal, especially with Kip being out negotiating and the "forebag" deal (which I looked up...kinda cool, actually, though not for you!). I'm sure your mom will be very helpful. I'm praying for you!! =)


Linda said...

I found your blog accidentally and decided to read it because it mentions Alaska. My son moved there (North Pole) last Sept, so I'm eager to hear anything I can about AK.

Your post was hysterical--not because you went through all that and still went home empty handed, but because of your writing.

Your baby and your husband are definitely blessed to have someone with your sense of humor in their lives. God bless with your next, and hopefully successful, attempt at delivering your child.

Cindy said...

Thanks for your comment, Linda! If you want to see more about Alaska, check out the "Friday Photo Shoot Outs" in the archives section. North Pole is far away from Juneau, but it'll help you get to know at least Southeast Alaska a little better!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the next delivery attempt! Hopefully it's soon! I'll definitely be writing about it :)

SD Barbers said...

I was one of those ladies that peed herself and ran to the hospital. But it probably is not what happened to you. Bean is just a tease!

SD Barbers said...

P.S. This is Kip's friend Kim from college. Praying for you and a good delivery!