08 August 2010

A Year or Two Ago Today...

Two Years Ago Today...

This guy:

Brought me here:

And asked me to do this:

Which We Did One Year Ago Today:

And I've been feeling like this about the whole thing ever since:

Thank you, Kip, for being the best sing-along-to-the-radio-in-the-car, go-out-and-get-me-Fruity-Pebbles-when-I'm-having-a-craving, forces-me-to-try-new-things-that-I-end-up-loving, always-loves-me-for-who-I-really-am, inspires-me-everyday friend and husband a girl could ask for. And for always letting me blog about you. You are my heart, forever.

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Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!