18 August 2010

First Babies May Be Late, But Apparently First Article Publications Are Early

After perhaps the World's Most Productive Day (in the past six months at least), Kip tucked me into the couch tonight after our crock pot apricot chicken dinner (told you it was productive) and before his post-dinner run. I putzed around the internet for awhile and, on a whim, ended up at OffbeatMama.com. I was completely unprepared to see my face (and belly) first thing when the page loaded, but there it was---they published the article I'd submitted five days early!

"I'm gonna put it out there: as unlikely as I thought it would be, I actually LIKE my stretch marks. They're a statement of my baby's growth. They're sort of a nice shade of pink. And they make it look like I got into a scratch fight with a wolverine in the name of motherhood. It wasn't an easy road to feeling this way, which is precisely why I feel like I should share the experience."

Check out the rest of the article here.

Maybe this means that Bean will be early, too!


GingerV said...

you are so damn cute! - read the article - parabems! - being published feels good doesn't it?
you have to visualize were those makes will be when everything pops back into position.... below the bikini line I am sure.

Jenn said...

Congratulations on the publication!! Hope you're feeling well. I enjoy reading your blog/life updates.

(I'm a friend of Tina & Casey's from Rivier)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We are very proud of you, keep up the good work not just the writing but growing abeautiful and healthy baby. Can' wait to meet "bean".