10 August 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week:
1. Our entire anniversary weekend, the extent to which I blogged about it (scroll down), and the way that Kip and I have both been giddily happy about the whole thing.

2. Watching Kip finish his first triathlon! I told him I'd do it with him next year. Um, yeah, let's see about that....

3. Having the midwives teach me how to poke around my belly and feel different parts of Bean! I got to feel his/her head (it was about four inches wide!!!!!!!) and his/her back. I already knew where arms and legs were, since Bean makes those (painfully) obvious about every hour or so.

4. Successfully training Tillamook for at least a day: He jumped into Bean's crib because he thought he had no other way out of the windowsill, so I sprayed him with a water bottle until he got the message that he should have found another way out. Ten minutes later, he found himself stuck in the windowsill again and guess what he did? He jumped over the bookshelf instead! And then he did it again later in the day! I don't know if I'm proud of myself or him, but the fact of the matter is that he wouldn't jump in the crib because he knew he'd get wet, and that, folks, is what I call successful training.....we'll just see if he remembers today.

5. The sleep-inducing tincture that I got from the midwives. I've been enjoying reading "John Adams" late into the night when I can't sleep, thinking about how legions of third-trimester mothers-to-be are going through the same thing, but seriously, insomnia gets old after about, um, twenty minutes. I don't even care that the tincture is all herby and kind of weird tasting.

6. Here's a shocker: it's raining. Why does that make me smile? Because at least the weather committed to something. Yesterday it was all sunny and beautiful for five minutes and then cloudy and dreary, and then sunny again, and then cloudy again and it really freaked me out. Today it's just one of those rains where you know you'll stay inside, read, and have soup for lunch.

7. Our invitations for Bean's baptism came in the mail. I'm a TOTAL sucker for stationery.

8. Finishing the giant jar of dehydrated strawberries from last fall when I went through my dehydrating food phase. Sure, the intent was to use them over the winter (you know, when you can't find them in the grocery store), but I only recently realized the pure and simple culinary joy that is dehydrated strawberries over honey-nut Cheerios in the morning. Plus, I feel like the dehydrating food phase was officially good for something now.

9. Realizing that having Bean in a month or so means that I don't have to take so many supplements anymore. I'm pretty much done with feeling like my grandma every morning with the prenatal and the vitamin D and the omega-3s and the iron...and the...and the.....

10. Last, but not least, BIG NEWS! (Drum roll, please) That article I submitted to OffbeatMama.com?

It's being published on August 23rd!!!!!!!!
Which makes me a pretty legitimate writer, I think.
And that's been making me smile ever since I found out.
Like this ---> :-D

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