19 August 2010

Ten-ish Things Thursday

Okay, okay, it's Thursday not Tuesday. And in all honesty, until a few good pieces of news happened within the past two days, I wasn't even going to post a "Ten Things [fill in arbitrary day of the week where I actually remember to do the post]" this week because it was a wretched seven days; Father Thomas called last Wednesday night to let me and Kip know that he's been reassigned to Petersburg and Wrangell, effective September 17th, nine days before his godchild is due.

No sugarcoating, I'm heartbroken. And I'm not ready to blog about it yet, if ever.

But there have been blessings! So I'm listing them, even if I couldn't think of ten.

A Few Things That Have Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Going out on the town with Natalie on Friday. Sure, it was only for 45 minutes and sure, I drank cranberry juice, but it was still nice to actually feel 23 years old again.
2. The amount of halibut and Coho salmon that Kip caught on Saturday. We are officially set for the winter. My man provides!
3. Two words: moving furniture. Our apartment looks amazing.
4. Finding out on Tuesday that Father Thomas and Father Pat agreed to switch churches for a weekend in October so that FT can come back for Bean's baptism! This is huge.
5. OffbeatMama published the article I submitted...five days earlier than they said they would! Check it out here.
6. The box that my mom and sister sent to us, and specifically the letter that my niece, Alli wrote to Bean. I read it out loud so Bean could hear.
7. Finally, more than a year later, sending wedding albums to my parents and the in-laws.
8. The adventure Kip and I went on over the weekend: we drove out to the end of the road on Douglas Island and then walked the path out to the sunny beach. Followed by a lunch at Tracy's Crab Shack, it was glorious.

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