12 August 2010

Let's Get This Show on the Road!

In complete honesty, I have enjoyed being pregnant these past eight and half months, but there are parts of me that are really ready to be not pregnant anymore. Is that bad?

I made a list.

Things I Am Looking Forward To Regarding Not Being Pregnant Anymore:
-We get to meet Bean! Is it possible to miss someone you've never met? Because that's what I feel like during mundane activities almost every day: "Gosh, going to the grocery store/taking a walk/ laying on the couch being lazy/(fill in the blank as appropriate) would have been so much cooler if Bean were here to do it with us."
-Clothes--Bean's AND mine. We get to choose gender-specific clothes for Bean (not that we're super into pink fluffy everything for girls and blue trucks for boys, but it would be nice to know if I can get that cute dress I saw on Zulily or not), and I get to wear my old tried-and-true pre-maternity clothes again (eventually) because everybody in the entire world seems to find cuter/better fitting maternity clothes than me. And it's starting to get frustrating.
-Taking photos of Bean. Nonstop.
-Finally being able to refer to Bean by his or her real name that we picked out, which I have been maddeningly NOT sharing here because my parents read this blog and they don't want to know the names until the baby's born.
-Not having to take a zillion supplements anymore. Just a multivitamin and some vitamin D will do, thank you.
-Fewer trips to the bathroom. Hallelujah!
-Being able to sleep on my back again. I think I'm going to do nothing but sleep on my back for months and months after Bean is born (well, when I can actually catch some Zs, that is)

On the negative side, I think I will actually miss my baby bump. I can't really express how exactly at the moment, but I have the feeling being able to see my feet again will be a tiny disappointment. And I'm sure that having to let Bean out of my sight, much less out of my personal space bubble, will be minorly traumatic.

But let's focus on the positive! Six weeks to go!


Anonymous said...

oh so so very normal
those last few weeks can feel like a life time

enjoy it as you can
and sleep.....ALOT!!!
love and light

Christina K said...

Congratulations on getting through this transition so beautifully and expressing such a positive attitude when you face the time of pushing Bean out and no longer sharing the same body. I'm sure it will be difficult to share him with others when you have such a close mother-and-baby bond, but it will be exciting to see how he recognizes your voice and is soothed by it, grabs your finger, and smiles into your face.
Watch out jewelry!! Here Bean comes!! :-)
I hope the coming weeks go well for you and that the birthing mission is accomplished without complications. I'll be reading and wondering what your experiences are like, as (hopefully) a future pregnant woman and mother.