22 August 2010

I'm Too SxE For Your Party

It has recently come to my attention that there's a new trend among the kids these days. Cue me feeling really old because I can legitimately use that phrase now..."the kids these days". It's called being "straight edge", and according to my friend Natalie it's been around on the West Coast for years, but this is the first time I've ever heard of it. Supposedly, whereas "emo" kids are classified by wearing dark clothes, bangs in their heavily-lined eyes, and listening to emo bands, and "scene" kids are emo kids with designer clothes, the "straight edge" (abbreviated SxE) crowd is classified by the following:
1. No alcohol
2. No illegal drugs
3. No promiscuity
4. Listening to "straight edge" bands like Minor Threat.

And this is the new cool thing.

Which got me thinking, I must have been born about ten years too late, because back in my day, this was called being LAME. Or Christian. Or a prude. And I was thoroughly chastised for it by the "popular" crowd in high school. The times, they're-a changin'.

Come to think of it, by the standards listed above, you could call most pregnant woman "straight edge". So really, I'm hip and with it. Even if I'm about eight years older than any of the teenyboppers who follow the trend. Or would they not be called teenyboppers now? I'm so confused.


Vannae said...
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Vannae said...
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Vannae said...

Okay, third time trying to comment...
I am straight edge too! I feel too cool for school! Wait, do the kids still say that these days?

Aimee said...

Oh wow, we had SxE around my high-school. Those were basically the kids no one bothered trying to talk to. They weren't just anti-drugs, anti-alcohol... they were anti-fun it seemed like... and everything was just so EXTREME! to them.

I've got nothing against kids being good, but going 'straightedge' is a little bit scary.

hrobins said...

When I was in high school, my cousin was "straightedge" and it just meant that he didn't do drugs like all his friends did, and he was definitely "cool". But yeah, Cindy, I was LAME, too. ;-) At the same time, I was everyone's moral compass and they would come to me for awkward advice...

Mari Kirstin said...

The guy I was dating in high school, Eric, was straight edge... so I don't think this is new a thing. He was actually really popular even with the kids that drank and smoked.

P.S. I love you, girl!

Nikki Cupcake said...

when i saw SxE i had to stop and read this

straight edge people used to make me laugh in high school. i was quite the partyer and i threw the parties and they'd come to my house and i'd be like WTF u came to a drinking party and you're not going to drink

and let me clarify between emo and scenesters (sorry i have to do this since i am from north nj and being scene here is a huge deal)

emo kids are kids really into emo music and being depressed all the time wears lots of black

scenesters are kids involved in going to shows and being involved in the local scene and usually teenagers

THEN there's hipsters those are the really cool scenesters who wear over priced clothes and go to clubs in nyc la and such places (once you're in your 20s and your still a scenster you usually just get lumped up into being a hipster)

Cindy said...

I bow to your knowledge of social groups, Nikki.