16 August 2010

Bean's First Laundry Day

Come on, go ahead and tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen hanging over a stairwell.

I embarked on Bean's first laundry day today, since we're actually close enough to Bean Day to necessitate clean baby clothes and blankets.

It was very exciting.

Tillamook kept guard, making sure no harm came to Bean's wardrobe.

I'm a little, teeny, tiny bit afraid that someone who is in dire need of newborn to three-month, non-gender-specific baby clothes will somehow wander around the back of our house, happen upon this hanging miracle and declare, "Jackpot!" before stealing it all. It's a fear that I also experience when I leave my cart unattended in the aisle of the grocery store. In all reality, I think the only foe I have to worry about is our grumpy UPS man, who probably wouldn't think it's cute and mumble something about a falling hazard, but who cares what he thinks anyways? I'll just sic Tillamook on him.


Anonymous said...

I just love little people clothes...so fun to wash...so fun to fold!!!
ahhhhhhhh lovely

Christina K said...

So so cute! I've been thinking about your harness and walking efforts with Tillamook and wanted to write to you about that one post you had with a sweet sleeping Tillamook-in-harness. We just invested in a laser pointer (best $3 investment I've probably ever made except for band aids on a work heel-wearing weekend). I could see Horatio PANTING by the end of his running up and down the hallway following that little red bug. We've also invested in a harness and leash...and today I'm going to try to use the laser to keep him moving on our walk. (He likes to lie down, eat grass, or walk backwards.) Just thought I'd share and tell you how adorable Bean's clothes are!!

Cindy said...

Laser pointers are sent from heaven!!!!! Sometimes it's the only way I can tire out Tillamook when he's being attention-needy. Good luck with the walk. Does Horatio also like to stop and smell every flower he sees? Or is that just my earth-loving, idealistic kitten?

By the way, that reminds me of Mr. Duffy in freshman English: "When an idealist looks at a puddle, what would he see? A RAINBOW! Like Ms. Katopodis, she'd see a rainbow in a puddle."

GingerV said...

Modern mothers are so careful, it never occured to me to wash the baby cloths before the baby wore them. maybe I did the CLOTH diapers, but I was washing everything by hand and both kids were born in the early spring so was too cold outside to hang on the line...so I was really glad when someone gave me new things to just open on put on the baby.... I suppose I ruined my two for life with my bad habits... but the are 40 and 41 now and seem to be healthy.

Cindy said...

Ginger, I was actually having this conversation this morning with my mom, too! There are a TON of things people have told me I absolutely have to do that seem a little overzealous, but I have been a bit of a germophobe about things that will directly touch the baby, so I figured washing the clothes wasn't too ridiculous. Don't worry, I won't go completely careful crazy on you ;)