07 August 2010

Anniversary Weekend Wonderfulness

Kip and I have been having a hoot of an anniversary weekend! One day simply isn't enough to celebrate our love, so a full weekend it is! So far, it's been everything an anniversary celebration should be--lots of relaxing, lots of simply enjoying life with each other, and lots of yummy food (because I'm eight months pregnant, and food is a very big part of my life right now).

I surprised Kip yesterday with a stay at Pearson's Pond, the type of bed and breakfast where you feel a whoosh of calm as soon as you open the door and step in. The owners knew our stay was in celebration of our anniversary, so they left chocolates and sparkling cider (non-alcoholic, how sweet) in our room. Lucky for us, it stopped raining long enough in the evening to light a campfire and make some s'mores in the midst of the garden, which still smelled like rain and had that really great drippy look that gardens get after they've been thoroughly soaked.

After finally dragging ourselves out of our room in the morning (seriously, Zen monasteries aren't as peaceful as this place...it's impossible to convince yourself to do anything productive, including get out of your super comfortable canopy bed in the morning to visit the super peaceful bathroom with its fluffy robes and happy smelling toiletries), we took off for the JPD triathlon.

That's right, folks, my husband competed in a triathlon after blissing out at a B&B.

I can't decide if it was the perfect preparation for such a grueling feat or the absolute worst preparation. Either way, he did a great job, and I really enjoyed cheering him on through the event.

Feeling confident before the race

10 laps in the pool down, now just a 10-mile bike ride and a 5K run to go!

He's off!

I drove out to the halfway point of the bike ride and cheered him and the rest of the triathletes on (while I sat and ate snacks...some of them may or may not have been offended)

Following an unfortunate "Where's my iPod?" experience, Kip was a bit behind after the biking leg. He transitioned into the running phase (now happily with music) in record time.

Sarah Hieb was the first place finisher!
How fitting that they crossed police tape at the finish line.

That's my man! I'm SO proud of him!

And the guy on the left is the guy that beat my man by about twenty seconds, oh well.

Fist pumps abounded in celebration

And he was kind enough to share some victory sweat with me and Bean.

The 2010 JPD Triathletes!

Then, as if a short vacation and a triathlon weren't enough to get done in 36 hours, we drove out to the Shrine for Sarah and James' wedding this afternoon. It was beautiful. Now we're both ready for a nap.

Tomorrow is our real anniversary, and we have no plans other than to renew our vows at the weekly mass at the Shrine. I can't wait.

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Anonymous said...


- On your 1st anniversary and the joy of renewing your vows in a place you love so dealy. Yea!!!!
- To Kip on the completion of your first triathalon. Yea!!! I was wondering how the swimming part was going to work in AK.
- A weekend of fun and relaxation how wonderful. The B&B sounds spectacular. Yea!!!

Here's to many more happy anniversary weekends.

Mom & Dad