09 August 2010

Anniversary Weekend Wonderfulness, Part 2

The adventure continued...

...with a waffle breakfast and a celebratory Blessing Cup.

And then we went out to the Shrine of St. Therese and renewed our vows at the regular Sunday service. It was beautiful. Kip and I got to pull the ropes to ring the church bell since it was our special day, and I'm pretty sure our five-year-old selves would have enjoyed it no less than we did in our twenties. We laughed and rang it for awhile, simply because we could, enjoying the sound echoing against the water outside and the beach rocks that form the chapel's walls. Father Thomas invited us up to the front of the sanctuary after the homily and, in true FT fashion, joked, "Obviously, they really need to get married!" upon observing my round physique. Everybody except for the old lady sitting behind our friend, Natalie, got the joke (especially after FT explained that a year ago, he'd been in New Hampshire performing our wedding) and laughed. The Old Lady Sitting Behind Natalie? Apparently she let out a chorus of tsk, tsks and said "What a shame!" over and over again, missing the correction.
We've chosen to find it hilarious.
Finally getting to say our vows and have our rings blessed again in the place we would've gotten married if it weren't for about 3,000 pesky miles and about a hundred relatives was...well, there aren't really any words for it. We loved it. After the vows and the blessing, Kip was invited to kiss the bride again (that's me!) and then we helped Father Thomas serve communion (Old Lady Sitting Behind Natalie blew past me...maybe she doesn't drink the wine, but I doubt that was the reason). After the service, as we stood on the steps outside, Sarah Powers' dad (of the Sarah and James wedding on Saturday) came over and offered me Sarah's bouquet, which he had found sitting at the bottom of the cross outside the chapel. I was honored to accept it.

We got to wear jeans because it's Juneau and gosh, everybody here values comfort far over fashion. It was definitely a perk.

Since my bouquet was silk (and since I really didn't fancy the idea of Kip going up my skirt in front of family and friends to retrieve a garter), we didn't do the bouquet or garter toss at our wedding, but I got my chance a year later! Kip and Natalie vied for position!

And Natalie was ultimately victorious!

Only 364 more days until next year! I can't wait.


hrobins said...

You two are my absolute favorite couple, ever. (sorry, all you newlyweds whose weddings I attended this year--no offense intended!) Seriously inspiring. And huzzah for renewing vows at St. Therese!!! YAY!!!!

GingerV said...

I think this is the most romantic thing I have ever heard. I got a big lump in my throat - and the old biddy tsk, tsking probably never really heard all that was said, probably deaf as an old door knob.

Cindy said...

Hehe, thanks for the support, ladies!