22 August 2010

I'm Too SxE For Your Party

It has recently come to my attention that there's a new trend among the kids these days. Cue me feeling really old because I can legitimately use that phrase now..."the kids these days". It's called being "straight edge", and according to my friend Natalie it's been around on the West Coast for years, but this is the first time I've ever heard of it. Supposedly, whereas "emo" kids are classified by wearing dark clothes, bangs in their heavily-lined eyes, and listening to emo bands, and "scene" kids are emo kids with designer clothes, the "straight edge" (abbreviated SxE) crowd is classified by the following:
1. No alcohol
2. No illegal drugs
3. No promiscuity
4. Listening to "straight edge" bands like Minor Threat.

And this is the new cool thing.

Which got me thinking, I must have been born about ten years too late, because back in my day, this was called being LAME. Or Christian. Or a prude. And I was thoroughly chastised for it by the "popular" crowd in high school. The times, they're-a changin'.

Come to think of it, by the standards listed above, you could call most pregnant woman "straight edge". So really, I'm hip and with it. Even if I'm about eight years older than any of the teenyboppers who follow the trend. Or would they not be called teenyboppers now? I'm so confused.

19 August 2010

Ten-ish Things Thursday

Okay, okay, it's Thursday not Tuesday. And in all honesty, until a few good pieces of news happened within the past two days, I wasn't even going to post a "Ten Things [fill in arbitrary day of the week where I actually remember to do the post]" this week because it was a wretched seven days; Father Thomas called last Wednesday night to let me and Kip know that he's been reassigned to Petersburg and Wrangell, effective September 17th, nine days before his godchild is due.

No sugarcoating, I'm heartbroken. And I'm not ready to blog about it yet, if ever.

But there have been blessings! So I'm listing them, even if I couldn't think of ten.

A Few Things That Have Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Going out on the town with Natalie on Friday. Sure, it was only for 45 minutes and sure, I drank cranberry juice, but it was still nice to actually feel 23 years old again.
2. The amount of halibut and Coho salmon that Kip caught on Saturday. We are officially set for the winter. My man provides!
3. Two words: moving furniture. Our apartment looks amazing.
4. Finding out on Tuesday that Father Thomas and Father Pat agreed to switch churches for a weekend in October so that FT can come back for Bean's baptism! This is huge.
5. OffbeatMama published the article I submitted...five days earlier than they said they would! Check it out here.
6. The box that my mom and sister sent to us, and specifically the letter that my niece, Alli wrote to Bean. I read it out loud so Bean could hear.
7. Finally, more than a year later, sending wedding albums to my parents and the in-laws.
8. The adventure Kip and I went on over the weekend: we drove out to the end of the road on Douglas Island and then walked the path out to the sunny beach. Followed by a lunch at Tracy's Crab Shack, it was glorious.

18 August 2010

First Babies May Be Late, But Apparently First Article Publications Are Early

After perhaps the World's Most Productive Day (in the past six months at least), Kip tucked me into the couch tonight after our crock pot apricot chicken dinner (told you it was productive) and before his post-dinner run. I putzed around the internet for awhile and, on a whim, ended up at OffbeatMama.com. I was completely unprepared to see my face (and belly) first thing when the page loaded, but there it was---they published the article I'd submitted five days early!

"I'm gonna put it out there: as unlikely as I thought it would be, I actually LIKE my stretch marks. They're a statement of my baby's growth. They're sort of a nice shade of pink. And they make it look like I got into a scratch fight with a wolverine in the name of motherhood. It wasn't an easy road to feeling this way, which is precisely why I feel like I should share the experience."

Check out the rest of the article here.

Maybe this means that Bean will be early, too!

16 August 2010

Bean's First Laundry Day

Come on, go ahead and tell me this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen hanging over a stairwell.

I embarked on Bean's first laundry day today, since we're actually close enough to Bean Day to necessitate clean baby clothes and blankets.

It was very exciting.

Tillamook kept guard, making sure no harm came to Bean's wardrobe.

I'm a little, teeny, tiny bit afraid that someone who is in dire need of newborn to three-month, non-gender-specific baby clothes will somehow wander around the back of our house, happen upon this hanging miracle and declare, "Jackpot!" before stealing it all. It's a fear that I also experience when I leave my cart unattended in the aisle of the grocery store. In all reality, I think the only foe I have to worry about is our grumpy UPS man, who probably wouldn't think it's cute and mumble something about a falling hazard, but who cares what he thinks anyways? I'll just sic Tillamook on him.

12 August 2010

Let's Get This Show on the Road!

In complete honesty, I have enjoyed being pregnant these past eight and half months, but there are parts of me that are really ready to be not pregnant anymore. Is that bad?

I made a list.

Things I Am Looking Forward To Regarding Not Being Pregnant Anymore:
-We get to meet Bean! Is it possible to miss someone you've never met? Because that's what I feel like during mundane activities almost every day: "Gosh, going to the grocery store/taking a walk/ laying on the couch being lazy/(fill in the blank as appropriate) would have been so much cooler if Bean were here to do it with us."
-Clothes--Bean's AND mine. We get to choose gender-specific clothes for Bean (not that we're super into pink fluffy everything for girls and blue trucks for boys, but it would be nice to know if I can get that cute dress I saw on Zulily or not), and I get to wear my old tried-and-true pre-maternity clothes again (eventually) because everybody in the entire world seems to find cuter/better fitting maternity clothes than me. And it's starting to get frustrating.
-Taking photos of Bean. Nonstop.
-Finally being able to refer to Bean by his or her real name that we picked out, which I have been maddeningly NOT sharing here because my parents read this blog and they don't want to know the names until the baby's born.
-Not having to take a zillion supplements anymore. Just a multivitamin and some vitamin D will do, thank you.
-Fewer trips to the bathroom. Hallelujah!
-Being able to sleep on my back again. I think I'm going to do nothing but sleep on my back for months and months after Bean is born (well, when I can actually catch some Zs, that is)

On the negative side, I think I will actually miss my baby bump. I can't really express how exactly at the moment, but I have the feeling being able to see my feet again will be a tiny disappointment. And I'm sure that having to let Bean out of my sight, much less out of my personal space bubble, will be minorly traumatic.

But let's focus on the positive! Six weeks to go!

10 August 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week:
1. Our entire anniversary weekend, the extent to which I blogged about it (scroll down), and the way that Kip and I have both been giddily happy about the whole thing.

2. Watching Kip finish his first triathlon! I told him I'd do it with him next year. Um, yeah, let's see about that....

3. Having the midwives teach me how to poke around my belly and feel different parts of Bean! I got to feel his/her head (it was about four inches wide!!!!!!!) and his/her back. I already knew where arms and legs were, since Bean makes those (painfully) obvious about every hour or so.

4. Successfully training Tillamook for at least a day: He jumped into Bean's crib because he thought he had no other way out of the windowsill, so I sprayed him with a water bottle until he got the message that he should have found another way out. Ten minutes later, he found himself stuck in the windowsill again and guess what he did? He jumped over the bookshelf instead! And then he did it again later in the day! I don't know if I'm proud of myself or him, but the fact of the matter is that he wouldn't jump in the crib because he knew he'd get wet, and that, folks, is what I call successful training.....we'll just see if he remembers today.

5. The sleep-inducing tincture that I got from the midwives. I've been enjoying reading "John Adams" late into the night when I can't sleep, thinking about how legions of third-trimester mothers-to-be are going through the same thing, but seriously, insomnia gets old after about, um, twenty minutes. I don't even care that the tincture is all herby and kind of weird tasting.

6. Here's a shocker: it's raining. Why does that make me smile? Because at least the weather committed to something. Yesterday it was all sunny and beautiful for five minutes and then cloudy and dreary, and then sunny again, and then cloudy again and it really freaked me out. Today it's just one of those rains where you know you'll stay inside, read, and have soup for lunch.

7. Our invitations for Bean's baptism came in the mail. I'm a TOTAL sucker for stationery.

8. Finishing the giant jar of dehydrated strawberries from last fall when I went through my dehydrating food phase. Sure, the intent was to use them over the winter (you know, when you can't find them in the grocery store), but I only recently realized the pure and simple culinary joy that is dehydrated strawberries over honey-nut Cheerios in the morning. Plus, I feel like the dehydrating food phase was officially good for something now.

9. Realizing that having Bean in a month or so means that I don't have to take so many supplements anymore. I'm pretty much done with feeling like my grandma every morning with the prenatal and the vitamin D and the omega-3s and the iron...and the...and the.....

10. Last, but not least, BIG NEWS! (Drum roll, please) That article I submitted to OffbeatMama.com?

It's being published on August 23rd!!!!!!!!
Which makes me a pretty legitimate writer, I think.
And that's been making me smile ever since I found out.
Like this ---> :-D

09 August 2010

Anniversary Weekend Wonderfulness, Part 2

The adventure continued...

...with a waffle breakfast and a celebratory Blessing Cup.

And then we went out to the Shrine of St. Therese and renewed our vows at the regular Sunday service. It was beautiful. Kip and I got to pull the ropes to ring the church bell since it was our special day, and I'm pretty sure our five-year-old selves would have enjoyed it no less than we did in our twenties. We laughed and rang it for awhile, simply because we could, enjoying the sound echoing against the water outside and the beach rocks that form the chapel's walls. Father Thomas invited us up to the front of the sanctuary after the homily and, in true FT fashion, joked, "Obviously, they really need to get married!" upon observing my round physique. Everybody except for the old lady sitting behind our friend, Natalie, got the joke (especially after FT explained that a year ago, he'd been in New Hampshire performing our wedding) and laughed. The Old Lady Sitting Behind Natalie? Apparently she let out a chorus of tsk, tsks and said "What a shame!" over and over again, missing the correction.
We've chosen to find it hilarious.
Finally getting to say our vows and have our rings blessed again in the place we would've gotten married if it weren't for about 3,000 pesky miles and about a hundred relatives was...well, there aren't really any words for it. We loved it. After the vows and the blessing, Kip was invited to kiss the bride again (that's me!) and then we helped Father Thomas serve communion (Old Lady Sitting Behind Natalie blew past me...maybe she doesn't drink the wine, but I doubt that was the reason). After the service, as we stood on the steps outside, Sarah Powers' dad (of the Sarah and James wedding on Saturday) came over and offered me Sarah's bouquet, which he had found sitting at the bottom of the cross outside the chapel. I was honored to accept it.

We got to wear jeans because it's Juneau and gosh, everybody here values comfort far over fashion. It was definitely a perk.

Since my bouquet was silk (and since I really didn't fancy the idea of Kip going up my skirt in front of family and friends to retrieve a garter), we didn't do the bouquet or garter toss at our wedding, but I got my chance a year later! Kip and Natalie vied for position!

And Natalie was ultimately victorious!

Only 364 more days until next year! I can't wait.

08 August 2010

A Year or Two Ago Today...

Two Years Ago Today...

This guy:

Brought me here:

And asked me to do this:

Which We Did One Year Ago Today:

And I've been feeling like this about the whole thing ever since:

Thank you, Kip, for being the best sing-along-to-the-radio-in-the-car, go-out-and-get-me-Fruity-Pebbles-when-I'm-having-a-craving, forces-me-to-try-new-things-that-I-end-up-loving, always-loves-me-for-who-I-really-am, inspires-me-everyday friend and husband a girl could ask for. And for always letting me blog about you. You are my heart, forever.

07 August 2010

Anniversary Weekend Wonderfulness

Kip and I have been having a hoot of an anniversary weekend! One day simply isn't enough to celebrate our love, so a full weekend it is! So far, it's been everything an anniversary celebration should be--lots of relaxing, lots of simply enjoying life with each other, and lots of yummy food (because I'm eight months pregnant, and food is a very big part of my life right now).

I surprised Kip yesterday with a stay at Pearson's Pond, the type of bed and breakfast where you feel a whoosh of calm as soon as you open the door and step in. The owners knew our stay was in celebration of our anniversary, so they left chocolates and sparkling cider (non-alcoholic, how sweet) in our room. Lucky for us, it stopped raining long enough in the evening to light a campfire and make some s'mores in the midst of the garden, which still smelled like rain and had that really great drippy look that gardens get after they've been thoroughly soaked.

After finally dragging ourselves out of our room in the morning (seriously, Zen monasteries aren't as peaceful as this place...it's impossible to convince yourself to do anything productive, including get out of your super comfortable canopy bed in the morning to visit the super peaceful bathroom with its fluffy robes and happy smelling toiletries), we took off for the JPD triathlon.

That's right, folks, my husband competed in a triathlon after blissing out at a B&B.

I can't decide if it was the perfect preparation for such a grueling feat or the absolute worst preparation. Either way, he did a great job, and I really enjoyed cheering him on through the event.

Feeling confident before the race

10 laps in the pool down, now just a 10-mile bike ride and a 5K run to go!

He's off!

I drove out to the halfway point of the bike ride and cheered him and the rest of the triathletes on (while I sat and ate snacks...some of them may or may not have been offended)

Following an unfortunate "Where's my iPod?" experience, Kip was a bit behind after the biking leg. He transitioned into the running phase (now happily with music) in record time.

Sarah Hieb was the first place finisher!
How fitting that they crossed police tape at the finish line.

That's my man! I'm SO proud of him!

And the guy on the left is the guy that beat my man by about twenty seconds, oh well.

Fist pumps abounded in celebration

And he was kind enough to share some victory sweat with me and Bean.

The 2010 JPD Triathletes!

Then, as if a short vacation and a triathlon weren't enough to get done in 36 hours, we drove out to the Shrine for Sarah and James' wedding this afternoon. It was beautiful. Now we're both ready for a nap.

Tomorrow is our real anniversary, and we have no plans other than to renew our vows at the weekly mass at the Shrine. I can't wait.

03 August 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week:

1. Hearing my landlord tell me that he hears Kip and I laughing from our apartment above his house. How beautiful is it that the sound drifting down isn't argument or mundane shuffling around, but laughter? It really made me feel good.
2. Hearing that one of my good friends up here is pregnant! She's due in February and I'm sooooooooo excited for playdates!
3. The sun shone again today and I got stuff done. This is rare.
4. Bean has been incredibly active the past few days: the other night, I had my hand on my belly while I was falling asleep and realized that Bean was rubbing its hand against mine; he or she kicked Tillamook off my belly a few days after that; and today, I officially had my first experience with a limb sticking out of the my side...I think it was a leg.
5. This photo, which was taken at my brother- and sister-in-law's wedding last June. Tina is publishing a series of wedding planning articles on The Examiner, and she included this really great photo of us in her article on bridesmaids' duties.

6. Finally getting up enough courage to write and submit an article of my own to OffbeatMama.com. I'll post it here when I hear back from them about whether it's being published or not!
7. Looking forward to Kip's and my first anniversary on Sunday. He has another officer covering for him at work, and we're making plans on how to celebrate!
8. Seeing Erin's reaction to the hippo stuffed animal I crocheted for her daughter, who is due a week before Bean. She loved it! I'm quite proud of me and my crafting skills.
9. Homemade Strawberry Lemonade. It was totally worth finding all the microscopic cuts on my hands when I juiced the lemons.
10. Kip bought a toy for Bean: a stuffed Coastie! Coastie is the Coast Guard Auxiliary's mascot, and it's basically a Coast Guard cutter ship with eyes that tells kids about water safety. It's unbelievably geeky, and we both love it.