24 July 2010

Things That Have Made Me Happy the Past Few Days

Just because it's not Tuesday, it doesn't mean I can't make a cheery list of things that have made me happy as of late. I had to send these out into the universe:
  • This post on Tessa's blog--a bloggy friend sent her an Aerial Armadillo of her own! It makes me so happy because:
1) That is a fantastic little guy!
2) Tessa's description of her English husband's reaction to their new pet was priceless
3) I've been thinking of and praying for Tessa ever since she wrote a post a few weeks ago about her recent downturn in health (and, in my opinion, how beautifully and gracefully she's dealing with it)
  • The habit Tillamook's gotten into of curling into a ball next to me during the wee hours of the morning. There are few things sweeter than waking up in the morning to a loving husband on one side, a purring kitten on the other, and seeing your baby's crib all set up at the end of the bed. Potential downside: I have to pee as soon as I get up (thank you, seven-month-pregnant bladder), and being sandwiched between two really cute sleeping mammals is a difficult situation to wiggle out of unnoticed.
  • All the crafting that I've been getting done. This week features flannel and terry cloth burp cloths that I'm quite proud of, more scarves, and aprons for the mercantile.
  • Our childbirthing class tomorrow! We're getting so close! YAY!

That is all :)


Matt said...

Whence and wither napkins & placemats?

hrobins said...

I fully support your posting of extra happy-making occurrences. =)