20 July 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Father Thomas is back! Most people feel pretty apathetic about their local priest, but he's seriously one of my best buddies, and an entire month without his antics was a month without sunshine.....literally as well as figuratively.
2. That being said, the sun shone yesterday. Coincidence? I think not. I even got to wear flip flops.
3. The Frozen Yogurt place that opened up a mere half mile walk from our apartment. It makes me smile because:
a) FroYo is delicious and somewhat more nutritious than ice cream, and therefore way more justifiable
b) It operates on a pay-by-the-ounce system, which means that you actually get what you pay for, be it a tiny dollop with one sprinkle or an entire mountain of frozen yogurty goodness
c) It is living proof that a local business with the right attitude can thrive in Juneau
4. Thinking about what my day would be like if Bean were around (well, outside of my anatomy, I mean). It was fun imagining what a walk to and from the store would be like. I imagined lots of toothless smiles and confused looks when the wind blew.
5. The "waddle" that Kip and I went on when he got home from work on Sunday. Apparently we don't go on walks anymore because walking has gone the way of the dodo in my life, along with seeing my feet and sleeping in a comfortable position.
6. The nursing cover that I sewed in about an hour. It's adorable and has a strip of terry cloth on the bottom for easy clean ups. I'm psyched!
7. The chocolate cake that I baked at midnight in a craving/heartburn attack/insomnia-driven stupor
8. The amount of motivation I felt yesterday.
9. The Jeep stroller that Tina and Casey sent us! It's big pimpin' and if Bean doesn't absolutely love it, I'm going to start wondering who switched it at birth. There's a baby-sized steering wheel in the front. How can you not love that?
10. Three words: newborn-sized diapers. I've been cooing over them for a full week now and they're not getting any less adorable.


hrobins said...

Aww! Your list made me smile, too. Your list might go on my list...;-) I miss you!

Christina K said...

That is an awesome list. We have a place here in Tallahassee called YogaBerry that also weighs by the oz. and has fun toppings from nuts to marshmallows to fruit to chocolate sauce. Yum!! Speaking of "yum," I just watched Julie & Julia this weekend for the second time. Have you seen it? If that doesn't inspire you to cook or crave butter, I don't know what will. I think I gained weight while watching...

Have you tried using a hot pad on your back to help with sleeping and back aches? My cousin did that while she was pregnant and it seemed to help her.

Lots of love and sprinkles on top!

Cindy said...

I definitely went through a Julie and Julia phase this winter and watched it almost every day. It's SUCH a good movie and I'm glad you liked it!

I haven't tried the hot pad thing, I'll have to try! I'm up for anything at this point! Thanks! :)