06 July 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

I can't believe it's been a week already, but...

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Heather's been here for a week already, and she's staying a week more. And that makes me happy.
2. Our baby shower is on Saturday and I am so excited to be around a bunch of terrific ladies for an entire afternoon! It's kind of rare to get a big group together these days. Plus, somebody bought the crib off our registry and that is HUGE.
3. It's trash day. I don't think I've ever blogged about it, but I feel about trash day how other people feel about New Year's; I just get to have that feeling of starting anew every week. It's quite the deal.
4. The salmonberry yarn that I bought with Heather at Skeins. It's literally the most beautiful textile product I have ever seen, and I smell a new vice. Check out the artisan's store on Etsy: A Tree Hugger's Wife
5. Actually getting into consistently crafting again, now that I've been reunited with my best crafting buddy. An unbelievably cute crocheted elephant has been the highlight thus far.
6. The prenatal yoga DVDs I ordered. They're super spiffy.
7. My baby belly! It's gotten so big because the baby is so big! And I still don't look like a whale (contrary to Kip's teasing when I get stuck in couches). If it ever gets to be nice weather again, I'll go outside and take some photos.
8. The Fourth of July parade. Sure, it was raining and in the 50's and absolutely dismal outside, but that doesn't mean we didn't have fun getting hit by candy and making Kip laugh as he marched with the JPD Honor Guard! Plus, there was the Juneau perennial favorite: meat on a stick. Seriously, these people go gaga for street food. It's a little strange, in a fun way.
9. The flowers that I got from The Plant People shop to celebrate Heather's arrival. They're pink and yellow and orange and fabulous, plus the shop lady told me I was definitely having a boy and that I should believe her because she's never been wrong, and neither was her mother. Wouldn't you be convinced? This was after I took about a minute to catch my breath when I stumbled in the door because I had to walk up a hill to get there. She just thought I was really out of shape until I turned to the side, then she made her boy prophecy.
10. The box of Cocoa Puffs that also contained a really sweet card that Kip brought me after I was Mrs. Cranky-Cravingpants one morning and the first words out of my mouth were, "Cocoa Puffs." He's the best husband ever.

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