13 July 2010

Ten Things Tuesday, In Prose and Photo

I feel too much like actually writing a post instead of just writing a list, so my Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week will occur in prose and photo. Because I feel like it. And if you can't do what you want on your own blog, then where can you?

(1) Heather and I had a good laugh over putting Tillamook in a harness this week. It was suggested by our vet because he gets sort of obnoxious when the weather's nice and he wishes he could be an outdoor cat, but since we live on a busy road and eagles would consider him a tasty appetizer, being an outdoor cat is out of the question. The vet suggested putting him on a harness and leash when he wants to go outside so we have a happy cat who isn't flat as a pancake.

Yes, I now walk my cat.
Sort of--it's more like I stand on the stairs holding the leash while he sniffs the flowers on the stairs and occasionally eyes the woodpile in the neighbor's yard.

When I first put the harness around him, Heather and I sat laughing for about ten minutes while he tried to figure out how to get out of it, forgot about its existence, moved in such a way that he saw that it was on him, remembered that he should be upset about this, and then tried to wiggle out of it again. He's gotten used to it now, as evidenced by the above photo in which he was taking a nap in his new favorite accessory. I think we should put a bow tie on it, to snazz it up a bit.

Also making me smile is the legion of crafting projects I've taken on in a nesting fury, including:

(2) The felt jellyfish I'm making to hang along with an orca and a salmon above Bean's crib (here, it's in the middle of being embroidered before I add some tentacles);

(3) The absolute cutest hat EVER;

(4) Washcloths, burpcloths, and a scarf for a friend made out of the most fabulous yarn ever...check it out at A Tree Hugger's Wife on Etsy. These yarns are dyed so amazingly, they're art in and of themselves. I am lucky enough to live in the same town as the weaver, so I bought it at Skeins instead of ordering it online (a rarity!);

(5)....and a shadowbox full of JPD stuff for Kip. No photos yet, but I might take one when I'm done.

(That's all for crafts.)

(6) This is probably a little lame and non-"cool, accomplished blogger" of me, but I'm going to put it on here anyways: an acquaintance/friend of mine from college who I consider to lead the coolest life ever (wonderful Christian marriage, beautifully artistic apartment, a fantastic writer and artist, I could go on...) recently commented and said she loves my blog. She loves(!) my blog! It made me feel really good. :)

(7) This bib, which I found downtown at Annie Kaill's and immediately fell in love with (as much as a person can love a bib, at least). I vowed to return to get it later. A friend miraculously agreed (without knowing of my vow) and gave it to me on Saturday at the baby shower. It's so fun and quirky that I hung it on Bean's little bulletin board because I like looking at it. You, too, can enjoy it--the woman who made it also has an Etsy shop: Home Made Pretty.

(8) My mom and dad sent us the crib we registered for, and I was so excited when it arrived today....until I opened the box and realized that Babies R Us sent the wrong one. It was disappointing, but I'm still excited to get the right one and put it together.

(9) Bean has taken to stuffing him/herself underneath my ribs lately, which doesn't exactly make me smile since it sort of hurts, but I think it should count anyways. Also, I had a really vivid dream last night that it was born and it was a boy! He looked just like Kip, except he had my eyes and the same unibrow as my dad. And he was HUGE. I'm hoping that part doesn't ring true...I mean, fat babies are cute and all that, but this was a little extreme.

(10) Kip, Heather, and I realized that, with proper practice, we could pay for Bean's college tuition by becoming the next YouTube wonder. How, you ask? Eight words: Tillamook. Laser Pointer. Miley Cyrus. "Can't Be Tamed".


hrobins said...

Bowl full of sacred. ;-)

Also, I am still madly in love with your jellyfish. Keep posting pictures, especially of the completed and hanging up jellyfish!

Love you,

GingerV said...

I like the last photo and I like BEAN - at this point an apropriate name. you don't know the sex...? I'd want to know - but my basic personality trait is impatience - I must be tired - all this comment seems misspelled. is it? to lazy to take it to Word for spell check.
From Rio (as soon as we know the sex) I will send you something from the sunday crafts market - course you'll have to trust me enough to send my your mailing address. but I always wish I had a baby close by so I can buy some of the stuff. all our grandkids are now too old even for Barbie dolls - what a loss.

Cindy said...

I'm a little surprised that we're doing so well not knowing if the baby is a boy or girl! We decided to keep it a surprise, but that hasn't kept us from guessing nonstop, based on everything from its heartbeat (last exam showed 136 bpm, boy range!) to how I'm carrying (out in front, and not wide at all, also indicative of a boy supposedly). I think you've been commenting on here enough for me to know that you're not a scary blog stalker, so remind me later on and I'll be sure to send our address. :) A craft market find from Rio, how exciting!!!!

mamacreates.com said...

Thanks so much for the link-love, and I'm so happy you like your bib :) All the bibs I made for my daughter were used for months & months, and were then passed along to my niece, & they're still in great shape so don't be afraid to use it!

Congrats on your pregnancy, too! My daughter (Ellis) turned 2 in May and she's a total hoot.

hugs ~ Tracy
ps ~ your jellyfish is adorable!