31 July 2010

Friday Photo Shoot-Out: Things Barry Made Me Think Of

This is a very special Friday Photo Shoot-Out. Its topic, "Things Barry Made Me Think Of", was suggested by NanU as a tribute to one of the original Friday Photo Shoot-Outers and blog friend to all, Barry. His recent passing has been a huge loss for all of us, but I think this is a fantastic way to honor him. He'd be bashful about it, but very, very honored.

A word of explanation on my interpretation: adventure. Literally, that's the word. I thought about this theme for awhile, careful to respect the difference between "Things That Make Me Think of Barry" (anything to do with Canada, dogs of all shapes and sizes, the cancer treatment center in town, wonderful elderly gentlemen, laughter, Scotland...) and our theme. Barry made me think of a lot during his years of blogging, but what he made me think of most was adventure. Everything was an adventure to him, especially if it involved getting out of doors with his dog, Lindsay. And so, in honor of Barry, I took an adventure this week that I'd been meaning to for a long time: I put on my galoshes, grabbed my camera and sloshed around the tidal flats from which the Gastineau Channel recedes during high tides. If only I'd had an English Springer Spaniel to accompany me!

Here are my photos of my adventure for Barry:


GingerV said...

yes! I see you are being led on your adventer not by a spaniel but by a tummy that is getting pretty big. you are being led by all of our futures.

Doreen said...

perfect tribute to Barry, to go on an adventure with him in your heart.

Pauline said...

Lovely, Cindy. I think the best way we can honour Bary's memory is to be explorers of life.

NanU said...

What an excellent idea to go off adventuring for Barry. A lovely tribute. (and just in time! with the little one there might be less of this wandering about for a while)
Here's to adventure! (raising of the coffee cup)