29 June 2010

When Pregnancy and Real Life Meet, or Why I'm Insanely Glad There's Not a Babies R Us in Juneau, Part 1

It's not that I thought pregnancy wouldn't jive with some aspects of my regular, pre-baby life, it's just that I didn't think it would necessarily influence every single one of them. Take, for example, my comment to Kip as we watched the Nigerian and Greek national teams take the field for a recent World Cup game:

"Hey, I bet they're all uncircumcised."


I rest my case. When in the world, other than the week that your midwife springs about a thousand statistics about the downfalls of circumcision on you in the name of being "fully informed", does one EVER associate soccer with "the cut"?

Never, that's when.

It had been a heck of a week. On top of realizing that we were drastically beyond the halfway point between "Why am I so emotional and where the heck is Mother Nature's monthly gift?" and "Omg there's a baby lying there and it's ours", Kip and I also became more intimate than we ever thought possible with one of our midwives when, in the course of an hour, we spoke in depth about the pros and cons of circumcision and she mimed breastfeeding (still fully clothed, lest you think it was that intimate). I should have known, as we exited the Birth Center wide-eyed and a little shell shocked that afternoon, that there would be no going back. Pregnancy Life and Real Life were on a collision course.

Of course, I'd been experiencing a merging of Pregnancy Life and Real Life for several months at that point. But it was in a cushy and cute sort of way: I noticed babies more; I realized I had a justification for looking at the cute onesies on sale at Fred Meyer; I lost the ability to wear pants without some sort of elastic in the band. All these, with one great exception, were relatively welcome and anticipated changes in my psyche, showing an identity shift from "Cindy" to "Cindy and Bean". I never dreamed I would one day draw a parallel between competitive world soccer and the be-foreskinned status of international footballers. And the day that happened, I realized Pregnancy Life had left Los Angeles traveling 65 mph while Real Life had left New York at 45 mph, and that they had triumphantly collided somewhere around the Red Lobster in Kokomo, Indiana.

But what is this aforementioned "one great exception"?
What is the one aspect of Pregnancy Life that had wiggled its way indelibly into my world like an unwelcome family member intent on squatting in your living room for as long as possible?
It is something which I will blog about in a second installment.
And it's called Superfluous (Usually Plastic) Baby Crap.


GingerV said...

you have a few more months to let the shift in self perception take place. here is a link to a blog I have been following since her toddler was first born, now she has a second son. she has hit on some important thoughts and feelings over these past few years, maybe reading back can help you...not feel so different from your old self, but see it all as normal.

Columbo said...

For the record I'm opposed to circumcision, but then I'm also in favor of genetically splicing humans with dinosaurs so really you can take that with a grain of salt.

Christina K said...

Cindy, your wit and humor are a wonderful asset to your transition. I'm excited for you and hope that everything goes well. In terms of circumcision and remembering how much dirt and grime my brother got into as a kid (he's still a kid at 14, right?), I would be in favor for the sake of keeping him clean and healthy. Whatever decision you make, I'm sure he'll turn out to be a beautiful, kind, and caring boy, and that's what matters most. :-) Good luck with all the baby shopping. Enjoy these glowing months and congratulate your body for its adaptation to new weight and new life that needs a lot of energy. Love, Christina

Christina K said...

p.s. Any odd cravings for things like strawberry chicken chinese food?

Cindy said...

Christina! Thanks so much for your comment :) We're not sure if it's a boy or girl, so the midwife was asking us hypothetically, but it was an interesting conversation for sure! The weirdest craving to date has been chocolate milk and pickles. I'll keep you updated if there are any epic strawberry chicken ;)