17 June 2010

Ten Things...Thursday

A Belated (and oft' put off) Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Fortnight Or So:
(I promise next week I'll get back to a schedule for these things)
1. Finding a frozen pumpkin pie at Fred Meyer after going on a grand search for canned pumpkin during an epic craving.
2. Feeling like an actually pretty good photographer when going through Norway and Chicago photos.
3. I know I say this every week, but Tillamook's antics. It just never ceases to amuse me how easily he entertains himself (and me). Most recent source of amusement: the blue, puffy, feathered, dangling cat toy that I got him in an attempt to keep him out of mischief (namely from jumping onto my back every time I wear a tie-back maternity shirt, which is pretty often). He's taken to dragging it around the apartment and presenting it to us as if it were plunder from a Crusade. We appreciate the thoughtfulness.
4. Potting some flowers and putting them on the stairway up to our apartment entrance. It looks really homey and I can't wait to show them off to Heather when she arrives in THIRTEEN DAYS!!!
5. The increasing frequency with which Kip can feel Bean kicking. It's not a new development for me, but Bean is finally big enough that his/her kicks can be felt from the outside! I'm waiting for the day when Kip gets kicked in the face while up close to my belly talking to Bean. Speaking of...
6. When Bean kicked as soon as Kip started talking to him/her yesterday. :)
7. The sheer amount of reorganizing I've gotten done at the church library.
8. Getting an invitation to the baby shower that Natalie is throwing for us. It's "bean" themed!!!
9. The granola I made tonight. I'm impressed with myself.
10. Our upcoming weekend trip to Ketchikan to see some friends. It'll be the first place in Alaska that I've visited other than Juneau!

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