29 June 2010

Ten Things TUESDAY!

I remembered! I'm so proud of myself!

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This (Past Four Days or So):
1. Remembering that it was Ten Things Tuesday and not Ten Things Thursday
2. Heather is arriving TONIGHT!
3. The running commentary that Kip and I kept during the US vs Ghana game that had nothing to do with the game, but everything to do with the fact that the cameramen kept showing reaction shots of Bill Clinton, who was watching it. Our commentary involved a lot of breathy, Southern drawled comments ("Well heeeeeeey, that wasn't a very good pass. And I know about good passes, aha...ha.......ha....")
4. Alli's first birthday, which was on Sunday. I can't believe she's already a year old!
5. It getting sunny enough to make sun tea and hang out some laundry. Yay!
6. Kip's excursion after work last night: he ran to his old bachelor apartment on Douglas Island, got his bike out of storage, and rode it back.
7. The way our apartment looks as of late thanks to my slightly obsessive cleaning. Who doesn't sweep their floors twice a day? Or maybe three times. Okay, possibly four but they're hardwood, we have a shedding cat, and the nesting hormones are really in full effect these days, okay?
8. Finally bringing a bunch of furniture we don't need down to our landlords (again, thanks to my slightly obsessive cleaning).
9. The game plan that Kip and I made last night for Heather's visit. It may or may not include several drives out to the Shrine, a trip to Skeins (the local yarn shop), and a culinary tour of Juneau including the Hot Bite, Tracy's Crab Shack, and the Thane Salmon Bake (mmmmmmmmmm!)
10. Playing my cello again in preparation for a wedding gig on Friday.

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