24 June 2010

Ten Things Thursday, Um....Again

Okay, so in my pregnant-brained state, I genuinely thought that this was supposed to happen on Thursday and not Tuesday, so I'm counting this as being on time. I blame you, convenient alliteration!!! Or is it assonance? Either way, I blame it.

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Week:
1. Kip's last week of night shift! I get him back now for the rest of the year! Huzzah!
2. Using a Snuggie for the first and hopefully only time in my life while watching a World Cup game in my landlord's chilly living room. I embraced the tackiness, though, and kept declaring, "It's a blanket with sleeves!" at sporadic intervals.
3. The USA vs. Algeria game yesterday. We are seriously considering naming the baby Landon if it's a boy. What a goal! What a game!
5. Our visit to Ketchikan over the weekend--we saw the sun, Kip got to feed eagles while fishing, I made a few new friends. It was great.
6. The breakfast that Kip made for me this morning to celebrate the end of night shift.
7. Clearing out a corner in our bedroom for Bean's crib.
8. Finding out that our car situation is all set! Kip's parents are bringing up a new(er) Jeep Grand Cherokee from the Lower 48 in the end of July. They're also bringing the car seat that Becky and Scott are loaning us, and the glider that they're giving us for the baby shower. Basically, we're going from 0% prepared for Bean's arrival to about 85% in the course of a day. I'm thrilled!
9. My most recent musical obsession, because apparently I'm stuck in 1996:
10. Slowly working my way through Norway photos. Posting soon!


Columbo said...

My brother drives a cherokee. Not a bad car, but it had a problem where he could pull the keys out when it was in utility. Killed a couple batteries before we figured it out.

Cindy said...

Good to know. Don't pull the keys out. Check.

hrobins said...

What was that number four, again? Someone's visiting you? That sounds pretty cool...

Oh, wait--THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!