04 June 2010

Home Sweet Juneau

After returning to Juneau from literally halfway around the world (Mom and Dad were even nice enough to call and let me know that they looked at a globe, and it would have been way quicker for me to just fly across Asia to Norway than across America and the Atlantic), I have been keeping myself busy (and therefore not blogging, apologies) by:

-catching up on sleep and hydration
-dreading doing the final Great Memory Change of 2010 on Cindy's Computer and therefore putting off uploading photos from Norway and Chicago (today is the day, though!)
-doing searches on Google of pretty much any permutation of "buying", "used car", "negotiating", and "checklist"
-dreading actually going to the dealership with Kip and trying to buy the aforementioned used car, since the Jeep greeted my return by promptly losing its ability to signal its intent to turn. This is in addition to the radio having not worked for a month, the back windshield wiper calling it quits years ago, the brake light taking sporadic vacations, and the parking brake slowly sinking into a life of sloth and laziness. Oh, and it wouldn't fit a baby carseat anyways, so it was just a matter of time.
-training Tillamook to stay away from things he's not supposed to be playing with by spraying him with water in a spray bottle. Now he only has to hear my hand on the plastic to go running. It makes me feel powerful, but evidently not in a scary way, since he still cuddles with me.
-starting work at the church library. I had a minor geek-fest when I found a cache of Peter Kreeft books yesterday. Huzzah!

Plus, it's been nice in Juneau. And there was an epic Pumpkin Pie Craving last night. And we had a fabulous pre-natal appointment yesterday in which we actually started discussing the idea of a baby coming from this pregnancy and what we were going to do about that.
Good times.


Jeanne said...

Loved your last comment! It IS one of THOSE moments when it hits you that you're not only pregnant, but that there's actually going to be a baby at some time. Thrilling, breath sucking in and not going out, eyes all bugged out moment. Ahh, life.

Christina S said...

this post makes me really happy!