12 May 2010

Yoga + Cindy = Comedy Show?

I have come to the conclusion as of late that I'm just not mature enough to be able to consistently take yoga classes. Examples:
-when Kip and I took one for kicks and giggles on our honeymoon, the instructor yelled at me to "keep your breathing even" because I couldn't control myself after glancing between my knees in the Downward Facing Dog position only to see my husband simultaneously contorted like a pretzel and trying to lift one leg up in the air
-I spent the majority of the prenatal yoga class I took last night with my eyes closed because the view of a handful of very round women trying to balance and stretch in ridiculous ways was too funny for me (although the mental image of my own clumsy poses didn't help matters much)
-I was also unusually amused by the fact that three-quarters of the class left to go to the bathroom at one point or another


Kasey said...

OMG. I just laughed out loud in my classroom alone. That must have been a bizarre experience. Keep it up girly!

Cindy said...

I KNEW you would appreciate this post!

Anonymous said...

yup totally get that!