11 May 2010

Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things That Made Me Smile This Past Week:
1. Seeing Bean on our 20 week ultrasound
2. Kip's birthday on Saturday
3. Going kayaking with Father Thomas on Sunday
4. The really pretty duet line that Ty and I played (but which nobody probably heard) at the Mondeverdi Vespers this past weekend
5. Meeting Governor Parnell at the Policeman's Memorial today
6. Bean kicking through the same two or three movements of the Vespers every time I played them...he/she either loved them or hated them, I can't tell
7. Finally backing up my computer so I can upload new photos!
8. Our newest culinary revelation: brie and cheddar grilled cheese
9. Tillamook's newest favorite game: tag. Seriously, he'll just hide under something really obvious, like the shower curtain, until you walk by and then he'll run out, tap you with both his paws and then run away. I tried running after him and doing the same but he didn't seem to quite get it.
10. Thinking of all my friends who graduated on Saturday!

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