10 May 2010

Kip's Birthday


Since Kip's last birthday got lost in the abyss of my Baccalaureate and Graduation from good 'ol North Park, I was determined that this year would be a birthday of epic proportions for him. Yes, sir, 27 would eclipse 26 (experientially as well as numerically) if I had anything to do with it. And I think it did. His birthday consisted of:
a giant "Happy Birthday Kip!" sign in the living room
driving downtown for a late lunch at the Twisted Fish
a TON of barbeque-related gifts from yours truly
a quite remarkable backscratcher from my parents (although he claims it doesn't exempt me from back scratching duties)
a four mile run (his, not mine...and he wanted to, so okay)
watching playoff hockey on the big screen at a friend's house
some fantastic barbequed ribs and chicken
a performance of the 1610 Monteverdi Vespers that evening, because the Bach Society asked me to play with them and Kip said the he'd love to hear me play on his birthday so I did it

Happy Belated Birthday, Kip!

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