26 May 2010

I Think My Inner Clock is Syncopated

I just watched the little upper corner clock on my aunt's MacBook Pro tick from 6:14 to 6:15 am while my internal clock blinked 12:00, 12:00 over again. I woke up about three hours ago after the world's strangest dream about visiting non-existent Juneau nightlife with Kip and crying when I saw people burning a copy of a book by John Paul II. The baby starting kicking really hard in either real life or dream world, and either way it woke me up to a dark room in Pennsylvania and a few too many blankets whose heat probably caused the dream in the first place. It was 9 am Norway time, so my body said, "Why not?" I rolled over and called Kip, tried to sleep a little bit more, finally gave up and got up, went to the bathroom, poured myself a bowl of Honey Smacks, and have been sitting on the recliner watching the Science channel and surfing the Internet ever since. I should be finishing sewing the bridesmaids' gifts for Alethea, but there's time for that after another bathroom break and bowl of cereal (lest I forget that Bean is in constant need of snacks and finds my bladder a particularly cushy place to rest). Besides, the Sun's coming up and the light burning a few feet away is officially unnecessary (which I love).

Norway was incredible. Such a place of beauty and solidness. The people are all confident, but not arrogant; strong, but not overbearing. Okay, maybe they're a little too tall for me, but that only became an issue when my feet couldn't hit the floor in more than one variety of chair. And the land---it makes Alaska look tame and kitschy in comparison. As soon as I get back home (in a week), I will upload the hundreds of photos I took and post some favorites. In the meantime, it's more photo opportunities as I spend a few days with family and then fly to Chicago to see my best friends for Matthew and Alethea's wedding. Then it's home indefinitely, which I'm pretty ready for--I have a nursery to arrange and three tiny months to do it. Ahhh!


GingerV said...

very nicely written. a diary entry that put me into the mood immediatly.
I will be going to Oslo on the 7th - I hope to see a little of the area, but will be working so maybe not.

Kasey said...

miss you... but you will be here soon.

Cindy said...

Thanks, Ginger! Try to get out and enjoy Oslo, even a little bit. Karl Johan's Gate alone is worth the walk, just to see so many people and so many different kinds of buildings. And the Folk Museum definitely deserves an afternoon of walking (if you can spare it).

Cindy said...

I miss you too, Kase. Seriously, I think we might cuddle when I get there on Friday, that's how much I've missed you/how excited I am.

hrobins said...

I miss you!!!! I can't wait to see you!!!! I can't wait to go to Alaska and see all of your pretty land! I'm glad you had fun in Norway. Continued safe travels to you.